Erotic Humiliation Day

“Do you know what day it is?” Milord asked.

“Saturday?” I murmured. It was six in the freaking morning and a SATURDAY!!

He kissed my neck and whispered, “It’s the fourth Saturday of October to be precise.”

My eyes flew open. The fourth Saturday of October was National Erotic Humiliation Day. How had I missed that???

I squealed as Milord clipped a brand new clothespin on one nipple. Before I could scream, the other was likewise adorned. I opened my mouth, but no sound came out.


He was straddling my face with his massive cock in that open mouth before I knew what was happening. I have to admit, I was shocked, but also dripping wet. This is one of my favorite, albeit most challenging, days of the year. I was, actually, the one to introduce Milord to this holiday two years ago. More to the matter at hand, I gagged as Milord fucked my mouth, barely allowing me to breath. It didn’t take love for him to pull out and spray his delicious cum across my face and neck.

I was still panting from both the pain in my nipples and my unsatiated need. I knew that I’d better get used to both.

“You will not wipe my cum from your body. It will dry there and stay there. No shower until tomorrow morning. Understand?”

“Of course, Milord.”

“Good. Now. Go fix the coffee. I’ll have that and buttered toast for breakfast. Make sure it’s on the breakfast counter in 10 minutes.”

I nodded, tears leaking from my eyes, to obey. I stood next to him as he sipped his coffee and ate his toast. After his first sip of coffee, he latched onto my tortured right nipple, his mouth hot, and released the clip. I screamed. Another sip of coffee and then the left nipple. I dropped to my knees.

“I like you there. Stay. Here, have a bite of toast and a sip from my cup.”

Grateful, I accepted the food and drink. I knew better than to ask any questions. Milord would want me silent and accepting. He left me kneeling as he got up, filled a bucket with soapy water and dropped a sponge into the water.

“I expect this floor to be spotless. You have until I finish my coffee.”

No. Fucking. Way.

I got to work and, naturally, as he had planned, did not finish on time. He attached a collar around my throat, a plug in my ass, and linked the chain attached to the end of the plug to the collar. “No finish up. I have guests arriving soon.”

Oh. My. God. sure as shitting, three of his Dom friends showed up half an hour later. The floor was spotless, and I was kneeling in the corner, the dried cum on my face becoming itchy. Milord discussed what was to happen, knowing I was totally horrified (yet intrigued) by hearing his plans for the morning. Each man was to use me in any way he chose so long as the plug and collar stayed in place. He was then to, if he so desired, spray his cum across my body.

For the next three hours, I was slapped, spanked, face fucked, titty fucked, pussy fucked. “Whore”, “Slut”, “Cum Target”, and “Mine” were written in black magic marker across my body. My nipples were clipped, bitten, slapped, and decorated with cum. Tears streaked my dirty face and my own honey streaked down my thighs. I had also come more times than I could count.

After I prepared and served lunch to the men, the three other Doms left, thanking Milord for the use of his submissive. At that time, Bless him, Milord ordered me to take a nap. He had some blankets and pillows arranged on the floor for me. As I fell asleep, I knew that this was simply the end of Chapter 1 for my day of Humiliation.

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