Waxing Silence

“We’re doing something different tonight,” He stated. “you will perform for me. Silently. To ensure this, open your mouth.”

she did so. He placed the ball gag between her teeth and buckled in securely behind her head.

“Good. Now, bend over.”

He lubed her ass first then inserted a large plug with a lovely jeweled end. “you will not come. Not until I allow it.”

she moaned through her gag. He then inserted ben wah balls into her already weeping cat.

“Lie on the bed. I’ve already prepared it with a plastic covering.”

her eyes widened as she obeyed. she watched as He lit the candle. He had hinted that He wanted to begin wax play, but she had been hesitant. Still, she knew well that if she held up both hands He would not make her perform. she kept her hands down. Yes, she was nervous, but not frightened. Yes, she was concerned, but not for her safety. she was concerned that she would disappoint Him and in doing so, disappoint herself.

He handed her the purple candle.

“The wax will match the Jewel’s color. I would very much enjoy watching as you cover your ass with wax. Will you do that for me?”

she nodded and held out her hand to accept the candle. As He watched, He stroked His mighty cock. At first, she held the candle high so that the wax would slightly cool on its way down to her tender skin. she looked up at him in wonder as the warm wax caressed her skin. It was WARM, not burning hot. Slowly, she lowered the candle. He smiled His approval and continued to stroke Himself.

When the candle was no more than a stub and both of her cheeks were covered in cooling wax, he took the candle from her shaking hand.

“I know you need to come, but you will have to wait a bit longer. Now, lie on your tummy. Do not look back.”

A mere moment later, she felt his semen, far hotter than the wax that she had dripped onto herself, delightfully scald what skin was not covered in the stiff wax. she sighed, pleased, and desperately needing release herself.

“Watch what I am doing now,” He ordered.

she had noticed the butter knife sitting in a bowl of cold water early. Now, she watched as He held it. His hand pressed gently on her back as the cold, dull blade freed the hardened wax from her delicate skin. she understood that He wanted her to know she would be not be harmed despite what her body might feel. she gasped. her mind knew that she was perfectly safe, but her body felt only the excitement of a blade on her skin, even on her shaved labia as it cleared the was.

she trembled, a flood of moisture gushed from her as fought to maintain control. He laughed, enjoying her dilemma.

“On your knees, ass in the air, head down.”

she mindlessly obeyed. His voice and body were all that controlled her now. He inserted two fingers into her puss to remove the balls. she clutched at the plastic beneath her hands, biting into the gag. Once again, He was hard again, and slowly, slowly pressed Himself inside of her. Once fully seated, He remained motionless.

“Do. Not. Come.”

Tears fell as she fought a losing battle to maintain control. He inched His way out only to slam into her. her body clutched His length as she surrendered to her the demands of her body. He grasped her hair with one hand, pulling her head back. He leaned down and whispered into her ear.

“That, my love, requires a punishment.”

He pulled out of her pus and, with the other hand, pulled out her plug. Quickly, He reinserted Himself in her stretched bottom, fucking it relentlessly.

“you’ve already disobeyed Me, so go ahead and come at will.”

she did. her body became, as it always did, His. she offered Him every molecule of her Pleasure for His enjoyment, His pride, His ownership. After what seemed like a lifetime, when her body was drained, He filled her with Himself before collapsing on top of her.

He rolled to His side, held her in His arms, kissing her head and caressing her well used body.

“you are magnificent,” He crooned as He unbuckled the gag. “Perfect. Absolutely perfect.”

Despite her physical exhaustion, her body reacted to His words and once again prepared itself for Him.

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