Hands of Power

One of the parts of Milord’s body that positively makes me drool is his hands and forearms. The are delicately long fingered and soft skinned. Beneath that, though, is pure power. He holds in those hands not only his power, but mine as well. His fingers can brush my cheek so gently it feels like the flutter of an eyelash. Those same finger can twist my nipples until they are swollen, red, and very happy.

His hand can hold mine as we walk through a store, showing the world that we are together and that we will not be separated. The can also, combined with the rest of his arm, spank my ass until my tears flow, matching the wetness between my legs.

Honestly, I don’t think I will ever tire of seeing or feeling his hands.

4 thoughts on “Hands of Power

  1. He sounds very “handy,,” Pardon the pun I have noticed that in the blogs I follow several women make comments about hands and forearms of their husband or lover. Sounds like I need to work out, focussing on arms and hands. That way I can attain more adoration from my wife
    Thank you for sharing this part of many women’s
    A good post as usual!

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  2. Hands for me as well. It is the power that attracts me and when he touches me gently I am still reminded of the power in those hands. It melts me.


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