His constant touch

I feel him or smell him or taste him every moment of my day. I am never alone for he his always with me. Constantly, I am aware of his love, his respect, and his expectations. I gladly submit myself to the man I love, respect, and obey.

Martin, once I confessed that I sometimes feel lonely, came up with a plan. Every morning I will send him a photo of my naked body by 6:30 if he is out of town. If I sleep beside him, I have my mouth on his cock moments after the alarm clock sings. When he is home, he will decided if I am to continue until he comes or if I am to ride him. I am allowed to have his cock only in my ass if I am on top, which is the only way I may begin in the mornings.

This morning, for example, after he was fully erect, he gave the command. UP. I happily scrambled on top of him and positioned his cock against my anus. He gripped my hips and pushed down, slowly, relentlessly, until he was fully seated inside of me. I balled my fists and came to the sound of his laughter. When I recovered, he gave another command. RIDE.

I began to move, keeping upright, while he pinched and twisted my nipples. He likes to play with them, make them larger, pinker, more sensitive. I came again, much to his pleasure as well as mine. A few more minutes and then he flipped me over.

Three good, strong thrusts and then he pulled out, emptying himself across my belly. I would not wash this off until I returned to this bed tonight. I would wear proof of his pleasure for the rest of the day, knowing that I pleased him enough for this gift.

He rolled over, me in his arms, and held me until our breathing became even. He kissed my head and got up while I rolled over and spread my legs. I know our routine. He hummed as he rummaged through his nightstand. Eventually, he was satisfied.


I reached behind myself and spread my cheeks wide. He worked in a bit of lube tinged with a few drops of peppermint oil. I squirmed as the welcome sting began and the cold metal of the plug went inside. This would stay inside of me until he took it out.

When he is out of town, I must do this process myself and send him a picture of it. He will then text me back when I am allowed to remove it.

Today, he’s chosen a smallish plug for which I am grateful. I have a yoga class after work this afternoon and I know from experience, this plug will not be coming out until after dinner tonight.

Now, as I’m holding Downward Dog, I feel the metal pressing inside of me. I smile, and know Martin is with me.

Glans-Style Metal Butt Plug 3 Size Choose Beginner's Penis image 2

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