In or On – Day 2

In or On – Day 1 So on the first day I was plugged. Today, Milord is focusing on my nipples. As he promised, He removed the plug only when I had to – well – go, and only after I had successfully completed fellatio, swallowed every drop, and he had added clothes pins to my nipples. That was fifteen minutes ago.

He never leaves my nips clipped for more than 20 minutes, but per the rules of our Staycation, he would put something in or on me every minute for 24/7. Sure enough, he stood behind me, jiggled my tits up and down which jiggled the clothes pins and made me gasp – and get wetter that I was before! – and, grasping both clips at the same time, pulled them off.

I screamed as the blood rushed back to my nipples. My hands were locked behind me so I couldn’t rub the pain away. Milord, cruel and wonderful master that he is, rolled my nipples between his fingers. I dropped my head back against his shoulder and moaned, this time from pleasure.

He sat down on the bed and pulled me on top of him, facing him. He caught one nipple between his teeth and pinched the other while I rode his cock like a cowgirl chasing a runaway doggie! I came, screaming his name, drenching his cock with my come. He lay back on the bed, keeping me on top, and switching his mouth and fingers between my already tender nipples. I came again before I realized my mistake.

When I am on top, his cock MUST be in my ass. I gasped, babbled, ‘i’m sorry. i’m sorry. i’m sorry’ and corrected the situation. Again, I came. I knew I’d be punished for this, but hoped he’d wait until after this session. He did. He never left my nipples be for one second, but continued to alternate between sucking and twisting them until i thought I’d lose my mind. He finally removed his mouth, grabbing both between his fingers, and pinching HARD when he finally came, filling my ass with proof of his pleasure.

“You broke a rule.”

I sobbed. “I know. I’m sorry.”

“Lay on your back. Spread eagle. Don’t move.”

I did. He left for a moment and came back with a sharpie. He proceeded to over my body with humiliating terms such as “slut by choice” “Milord’s property” “Bad Sub” and so on. He wrote on my breasts, belly, and thighs. Then, he had me turn over and wrote on my back and ass cheeks.

“I’m writing ‘spank hard’ on each cheek, my love, and on your back ‘I need discipline’. I think on the backs of your thighs I’ll write ‘use me.’ “

I sobbed quietly. I would have to wear these labels until he allowed me to wash them off.

“There. Perfect. Now, get some sleep. Tomorrow will be another exciting day.”

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