In or On – Day 1

Milord has set up a challenge for me. He will insert something inside of me or clip something onto me for the duration of our one week Staycation. So, literally, 24/7 I will have something showing my submission to him.

He began with a plug – a solid metal one which wasn’t too big so I didn’t think to much about it. THEN, after he inserted it, he reminded me that ONLY he can remove anything he puts in or on me. The plug had a but O-ring type of thing on the end of it which made sitting impossible. I would have to either lie or kneel or stand.

To thank him for the plug, I worshipped his cock until he sprayed his cum down my throat. I absolutely ADORE when he does this! yes, I was horny as fuck, but the frustration of my unmet needs was worth it just to taste him.

A few hours go by and I have to – well – eliminate. I asked permission to remove the plug so that I could do that. He denies me, but says he will unscrew the center of my plug so that I can eliminate WITH THE PLUG STILL IN! If, he warns, the plug slips out, I will be punish with 100 spankings!! Oh. My. God!

I was terrified. I tried to hold onto the edge of the plug to make SURE it stayed in, but that was when he yelled through the door that I had to keep my hands on my head except to wipe and wash. That, my friends, is when I felt and he heard the tell-tale clink of the plug slipping out of me.

I had to fish it out of the toilet, wash it and myself, and present it and myself to him. He was already sitting in an armless dinning room chair, ready for me, ping pong paddle on the table.

There was no point is saying anything. I positioned myself, and before he began, he reinserted the plug and screwed in the center again. Twenty five hand spankings for a warm up and then 75 with the paddle. I kicked and sobbed and begged for mercy (which I didn’t really want) to no avail. Finally, it was over.

“You took that well enough, I suppose. Now, bend over the table.”

I obeyed. Thankfully, He unzipped his trousers and fucked my pussy. I was so primed by that point that I came with his first thrust! He, however, took his time. He fucked me until again I was begging for mercy. I thought he would grant it, but instead, he stepped back only long enough to turn me over, back on the table, legs on his shoulders, and beautiful cock buried inside of me. By the time he came, spraying his seed all over my belly and breasts, I was so ass and pussy sore I wasn’t sure how I was going to walk. Nonetheless, I couldn’t have been happier or more satisfied.

“Well done, love,” he praised.

I smiled up at him and asked, “Not that I’m complaining, Milord, but how long might you be keeping this plug in me?”

“You eliminated fully?”

I blushed and nodded.

“Good. Then it stays there until the next time you need to go. You can suck me off, I’ll remove it and add some lovely clips to your nipples, I think, before I allow it.”

That would mean that it would be inside of me for probably another 20-24 hours. I closed my eyes a moment, then opened them and said, “Yes, Milord.”

This is going to be the best Staycation ever.

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