In or On – Day 3

In or On – Day 2 Last night Milord wrote various descriptive words on my body such as “spank me”, “slut”, “Use me”, etc. These words will, naturally, stay ON me until He washes them off or allows me to. The morning began with him making love to me. Sweet. Slow. Beautiful. We both came – him pulling out and spraying my body with his delightfulness, which has dried and remained on my body.

Later in the early afternoon, we made love again. This time, he used my ass and filled it with his cream and then, just to make sure it stayed put, he added a rather large plug. After dinner and dishes were completed, He led me to the basement/dungeon where the spanking bench was already set up. He told me to lay, belly down, as he strapped me in place.

The next thing I knew, I heard footsteps coming down. I closed my eyes and tears began to drip, which pleased him much!

“Look, gentlemen. She is already crying. I’d very much like to see this behavior continue, so feel free to enjoy her as you wish. One thing. Wear a condom while inside of her at all times, but feel free to come on her body. Her ass is currently plugged, but you may remove the plug and use that if you prefer it. Just replace the plug if no one else is going to be4 using it immediately after you. While you wait your turn for her, how about a game of pool?”

And so, I was used and come on, and came myself for several hours. The concrete floor beneath me was darkened by my tears and my slobber after sucking on so many cocks. My body was crusty and sticky with cum. My anus and puss were excruciatingly tender and satisfied. Finally, Milord’s last guest left and he unbound me.

He took me upstairs, having to support me, and helped me shower away all the evidence of the night.

“Please, may I thank you?” I asked.

“Of course, my love.”

And so, while still in the shower, water beating down on me, I worshipped Milord’s magnificent cock. He came again, this time down my throat. When I felt the hot stream, I also moaned in delight and crashed through to pleasure.

I was clean, but still plugged. Luckily, Milord took pity on me and replaced the large plug with a far more comfortable set of silicone beads for me to sleep in.

As I drifted off, I couldn’t help but wonder what tomorrow would bring.

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