Leashing – Part 3

Leashing – Part 2 When we began Leashing, I was hesitant. Now, even after the initial submind haze has cleared, I find myself wanting to embrace it. I woke up before Ard Ri’ did, so I quietly skooted out of bed and made some coffee and a simple breakfast of toast and poached eggs. I set it all on a tray and managed to make it back into the play room just as Ard Ri’ was coming out of the bathroom.

“What’s all this?” he asked.

“Oh, it’s just my way of thank you for last night.”

He laughed and got back into bed where I arranged the tray over his lap. Rather than getting into bed with him, I went to the bureau where he had placed my collar and leash. I picked them up and looked at him. He grinned, sipped his coffee, and nodded.

I buckled the collar back on and attached the leash.

“Attach yourself to one of the hooks under the bed. Wait there until I finish.”

I obeyed and waited quietly. When he finished, he told me to set the tray on the floor. I did so, then asked permission to worship his cock.

“You may.”

I leaned over the bed (He had NOT given me permission to get ON the bed!) and went to work. Is there really anything better than a big cock in the morning?? I felt him expand even more and was eagerly looking forward to my own sweet breakfast when he tugged my leash and said, “Stop.”

I whimpered, but obeyed.

“Hands and knees straddling me. Make sure your nipples are within mouth reach.”

I did so, a bit awkwardly because of the leash. He immediately latched on to one nipple and sucked HARD. He also reached down and twisted the plug in my ass, slowly, excruciatingly pulling it free of my body. I again whimpered. Partially because he was now biting my tender nipple and partially at the loss of the plug. He SAID it would be the last to come out!

Then, I understood. He positioned my gaping anus over his cock and pushed my hips down. He released my nipple and said, “Ride my cock. Do not stop until I come.”

Immediately, he latched onto the other nipple, making my position very awkward. When I hesitated, he slapped my ass HARD. I yelped, and began to ride him. It took less than a minute for me to come. Once I had ridden the wave, I paused which earned me another quick, hard five slaps to my ass.

“I said don’t stop.” Tears where rolling off my cheeks now, but again I began to move. I climaxed three more times and was begging, once more, for release, for mercy. After a fifth orgasm, he also found his release. I collapsed on top of his chest where he held me tightly.

“So, over your fear of a leash?”

“Yes, my Ard Ri’, I am.”

“Since you still have on that collar, leash, and cuffs, what do you say to the plug going back in?”

“As you command, so I will obey.”

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