Alternate Leashing

We have experimented with leashing before and I discovered I rather like it. Leashing – Part 3. Now, Ard Ri’ has come up with a new twist. Some time ago, I had my nipples pierced. Yes, I discussed this with my Dominant and he stated that it was 100% my choice. Usually, I keep my jewelry quite small and discreet. Last week, Ard Ri’ decided otherwise.

We were invited to a dinner party of like minded friends. To get ready for the party, I showered, shaved, and had picked out a light summer top with a pretty flared skirt. Before dressing, Ard Ri’ had me bend over the bed and gave me a good “remember your manners” spanking. He also likes to fill one of my openings, and that night he chose my ass. He gave me a GOOD 3 orgasms before he filled me with his own release and then added a delightfully full pedaled silicone plug, so there was absolutely no chance of it slipping.

I thought he was finished, but instead, he handed me a box. I opened it and saw heart shaped nip jewelry connected by a fine, but sturdy gold chain.

“But. . .” I began.

He raised his eyebrows. I put the new jewelry on. In the car, before entering our friend’s house, Ard Ri’ unbutton the top FOUR buttons of my thin white blouse and attached a delicate gold lead to the connecting chain. I blushed furiously as he led me into the house.

Throughout the dinner, he either held onto my lead or had the host do so. Every now and then, he would tug gently and my nips would immediately harden.

“Andrew,” our host said, “how long are you going to torture that poor woman. She’s obviously primed to serve and be serviced.”

Ard Ri’ laughed, kissed me, bent his head and nipped one of my nips, and answered, “Just until dessert, Douglas. Then, one of us can be serviced by her mouth while the other attends to her, I’m sure, dripping puss. It’s your home, so you choose which you’d like.”

Two hours later we were back in the car. Ard Ri’ had buttoned up my blouse again so that anyone in passing cars wouldn’t get an eyeful. My eyes, though, were glazed over with having drunk of my King’s sweetness while his friend offered me more orgasms than I could count and emptied himself inside of my body.

Why is it that one of the most exquisite feelings in the world is having every orifice graced in a single day?

4 thoughts on “Alternate Leashing

  1. I just read this story (all the parts)
    The story itself was engaging and there were twoaspects of it that I found to be very notable.
    Romance was thick throughout. The relationship between the narrator and Ard Ri
    hot and I loved it. He was more dominant than she realized (IMHO, of course).
    The eroticism was mind consuming. Their physical relationship sizzled and caused me to want one just like it.
    I wrote all this just to say this was a great story! I really loved the layers to it and the ever present heat of sexuality.
    Thank you for this story!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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