Leashing – Part 2

When Ri’ asked if I could make it to the Playroom Leashing, I nodded and crawled behind him, my leash in his hand. He unlocked the door and had me sit quietly facing the wall. He attached the leash to one of the hooks hidden beneath the bed. I watched as he began to arrange a few items, becoming more and more excited as time went on.

Eventually, he was ready. “Wrists.”

I held out my wrists. He hooked clips to each of the O-rings then had me crawl onto the bed, my leash still attached to the hook. The leash was fairly long, so while I certainly felt a slight tug, there was plenty of leeway so that I was not chocked. He attached my wrists to the headboard so that I was in a kneeling position. He nudged my knees apart then the flogging began.

I moaned and arched my back, needing more. I was so deep into submind that I don’t think I could have remembered how to speak even if I had wanted to. He gently but firmly flogged my back, my ass, my thighs, and occasionally, by very exposed nether region. I came. Violently screaming his name. Before I had time to recover, he was inside of me, filling my honey coated tunnel. He plunged in once. Balls deep. And stayed there.

He pulled my head back, his hand grasping my hair close to the scalp, and whispered, “You are mine. Never doubt that I know you well. You love this, don’t you.”

“Yes.” I answered with tears streaming down my face. “I do love this. Thank you.”

He released my hair and began to slowly make love to me. He reached around my body and pinched my nipples, pulling the downward and twisting them hard. The sweetness of his lovemaking combined with the contrast of the pain in my nips was too much. I again screamed his name as I came all over his cock.

“Keep it up. I’m not stopping until you are totally exhausted and begging me to stop. Then, you know what will happen?”

“No, I don’t,” I managed to gasp out.

“Then, and only then, will I fill your pussy with my cum. After, You’ll suck me clean again, won’t you?”

“Oh yes. Yes, my king. I will.”

He laughed and I came again. Once I could breathe, he continued.

“And all with that lovely leash attached to your collar.”


“I might release your wrists from the headboard, but I’ll keep you cuffed until tomorrow at least.”

“Yes!” The waves were beginning to roll in again.

“And that plug? It will come out last. After I’ve taken off the cuffs and the collar.”


As he predicted, I begged him for mercy, which he at first denied. After what seemed like hours, he finally gave me what I most desire – his sweet cum filling my body. I sucked him clean, much to my pleasure.

He unhooked the leash and, in some strange way, I missed it. After a quick shower, he unbuckled the collar and we slept in each other’s arms.

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