Discreet Leashing.

Last year, Ard Ri took a few days to acquaint me with the joys of Leashing – Part 3. Since then, I’ve become a fan. I feel – pardon the pun – more attached and secure whenever Ard Ri attaches a leash of any sort to me. Recently, he’s had a brilliant idea to “leash” me in public – discreetly. He drapes a soft chain around my neck, crosses it over my sternum, and attaches the loops onto my nipples. Depending on what I wear, the chains are sometimes visible, sometimes not, but always I feel them.

The other night we went out to dinner – it’s a private club for adults only – when Ard Ri attached my nipple leash (that’s what we call it). He then had me dress in a long peasant skirt with a matching white peasant blouse. For a bit of modesty, I also had a cardigan to cover myself with when we were walking from the car to the club. Once inside, He held out his hand and I gave him my sweater. The Host stared openly at my “leash”, looked at Ard Ri, and said, “Very tasteful, Sir.”

I blushed furiously, but also felt a sense of pride. I no longer feared a leash. I could give Ard Ri what he desired. I felt a bit of embarrassment at the Host’s words, but knowing that Ard Ri loves my blushes and sense of modesty, I stood up straighter, looked at my dominant, and smiled. I was, to my surprise, happy to be leashed.

Every server seemed to find a reason to come to our table that night, all of them openly eyeing the loops around my rock hard nipples, clearly visible through the light, white blouse. With each comment, Ard Ri looked prouder and prouder of me. My insides were melting and I wanted nothing more than to have him inside of me.

He, however, wanted to take his time. After dinner, he even took me to the bar area for an aperitif. While sipping my drink, Ard Ri began to brush a finger over each of my nipples, causing me to moan and almost spit out my beverage.

“Looks like you’re in for a fun evening, sir,” the bartender stated smugly, clearly enjoying the show.

“Indeed, Jim. In fact, being lucky enough to have such a beautiful and obedient submissive, I’m in for a fun life,” Ard Ri agreed.

Jim laughed, looked at me and asked, “And what about you?”

“Me? I wouldn’t be obedient if it wasn’t fun,” I answered, winking at Ard Ri.

I can assure you, the evening was, indeed, quite fun.


2 thoughts on “Discreet Leashing.

  1. I love the picture and this story. I sincerely doubt that if my Sir were to do this to/with me too, that anyone at all would mention it to our faces. That’s because where I live people are so conservative that they’d shy away from speaking aloud about it, even if/when they were doing everything themselves too.

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