Drunkenness will NOT be tolerated

(Please note: This FICTIONAL story is for entertainment only. There is no actual medical advices!!)

So remember those 2021 House Rules that I JUST agreed to? Welp. Of course the first one I broke was the one that was guaranteed to render the most severe punishment. An old friend from college, Sean, showed up with a bottle of clementine flavored tequila. What’s a girl supposed to do? We drank. We talked. We drank some more.

Luckily, he’d sent me a text the day before he showed up and I’d asked Milord for permission to wear clothing while he was here. I was allowed to wear a light blue sundress with strappy sandals – that’s it. I was grateful. Sean and I sat on the back porch, looked out into our wooded property and took a shot every time we saw a squirrel while we caught up with each other. The Milord came home.

I was, obviously, shitfaced. At the time, I couldn’t figure out why Sean wasn’t. Milord set out his plan. Step 1: Give me a proper and humiliating scolding in front of my oldest friend. Step 2: get me sober – a process which involved A LOT of water, coffee, and peeing. Step 3: By this point I was 99% sober. Still Milord wanted “to be sure”, so he had me strip out of my dress and shoes. He put me in the shower and ran cold water over my body while I spitted and splutter and Sean watched the whole thing. Step 4: He had me bend over the tub, ass up, and filled my bowels with a disgusting coffee enema then added a VERY large plug to ensure I retained the liquid for 10 minutes. Step 5: Milord explained to me that this whole ordeal had been a combination of a set up and instruction. Set up for me and instruction for Sean who was about to enter into a 24/7 BDSM relationship. Sean, it turned out, hadn’t drunk ANY tequila. He’d been slurping back orange flavored water while pouring me full shots.

I was totally humiliated. Not angry. After all, no one had forced me to drink those shots! Thinking back, I should have seen the smirking look on Sean’s face.

“You’re going to want to make very sure your sub understands the seriousness of a broken rule so it’s best that he or she feels the results in several ways. First, make sure there is embarrassment for breaking your agreed upon rules. I think we’ve got that covered.”

No shit, I thought.

“Second, you never want to harm your submissive, but discomfort is required. So, while Cora is waiting with her ass up and plugged, it’s a perfect position to begin an initial spanking. Use what is handy. That bath brush for instance.”

Oh god!

I squealed. The first blow landed well as did the next five. Three on each cheek. I was sobbing when the timer went off. Milord helped me to stand and positioned me over the toliet.

“Please, no,” I whispered.

He ignored me. “Now, make sure your sub is in position because when that plug comes out, lots of liquid will come out as well. Expect a full evacuation.”

I wanted to crawl in a hole as Milord demonstrated exactly how to evacuate a submissive’s bowels. Sean watched avidly, taking mental notes the whole time.

“You also will need to make sure that nothing is left inside of her which could get stuck and cause problems. So, I suggest two additional enemas with clear, pure water. Cora, position again, please.”

Without comment, I obeyed.

Milord lubed the nozzle and water entered my much more open bowels again. “You see how much more docile Cora is becoming. Keep that going.” He inserted the plug again once the bag was emptied. “Here. You do the honors this time.”

Six more strikes with the bath brush. I didn’t bother trying to keep quiet. I sobbed and wailed, but stayed in position.

Elimination. Repeat.

By now, I was a wet, red, mess of total submission.

“Almost done, Cora. You’re doing great and I bet you won’t get drunk again for a very long time, will you?”

“No, Milord, I won’t,” I whimpered.

“On the bed, sideways, on your hands and knees.”

I obeyed.

“You will thank us both now for your discipline.”

“Yes, Milord.”

Sean stood in front of me, his cock erect and dripping with precum. I opened my mouth. Milord stood behind me, his cock covered in lube. He pressed into me as Sean pushed his cock into my mouth.

“That’s it Cora. Show your friend how a good, well trained and disciplined submissive shows her appreciation.”

I moaned and sucked harder, pulling Sean’s cock down into my throat. Milord fucked my ass, going balls deep with each thrust. Neither man was in a hurry, but Sean found his pleasure first, shooting his load down my open throat. I swallowed it all and continued to lick his cock and balls until Milord filled my bottom with proof of his forgiveness.

I collapsed on the bed where Milord held me in his arms.

“After care is just as important as discipline, Sean. Your sub needs to know the punishment was not done in anger, but with the intent of loving correction.” He kissed my head and rubbed by back. “After a punishment, all must be forgiven and only love and respect must be left. Isn’t that right, Cora.”

“Yes, Milord. Thank you.”

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