Her Devotion

She was not part of the party. She was the art. HE had been very clear about that. She would remain silent. And proud. And beautiful. HIS guests would be allowed, encouraged, to explore HIS art as they chose. She would not complain. She would not move. If, thought, the day became too intense, she would open her eyes and stare at HIM. He would then check on her and together they would decide what to do.

She would drink what HIS guests gave her. Eat what HIS guests fed her. She would remain in place for no less than six hours. Her eyes would remained closed the entire time of her own volition. Her mouth would remain silent. She would open that mouth only upon request. She would spread her legs upon request. She would be obedient.

She would do this not upon HIS demand, but upon her suggestion. She wanted, needed to prove to HIM her devotion to HIM. And so, HE agreed to allow HIS guests to enjoy HIS love while HE enjoyed her show of devotion.


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