Reminding Him of His Duty – part 2

Reminding Him of His Duty Amy was grateful that by the time they finished their dinner that darkness had fallen.

She had crawled onto the back seat of her car, belly down, so Luke could administer her spanking for twice removing her fingers from her slick tunnel during dinner. She was also grateful that Luke had the foresight to park in the very back of the parking lot, away from any prying eyes. She had remained silent, terrified of drawing attention to them, but after the tenth lash of his belt, tears had rolled from her eyes.

“That should hold you over until we get home. Now, get in the front seat and get those fingers back where they belong. They will stay there until I tell you otherwise. Remember. Whatever I put in or on you stays there until I either remove it or give permission,” he told her firmly.

Amy sat gingerly, her bottom stinging as Luke drove home. Once there, he opened her door and helped her stand, glaring at her as a reminder that permission had not yet been granted. Once in the bedroom, he bent her over their bed and flipped her skirt up.

“Beautiful. Now that your fingers are all nice and slick, you will spread some of those juices onto and into your back door, Amy. I’m going to get a plug for you, so make sure your good and lubed up,”‘ he instructed.

Amy moaned. She hated when he made her do this. Her ass – every part of it – was his. Besides, knowing that he would be watching her every move was humiliating. Nonetheless, she obeyed, knowing that her discomfort would only add to both of their pleasure.

“Well done,” he praised, his words erasing any unease she felt. “Now hold those cheeks open. That’s it. Open up, Amy. Push back.”

Amy remained silent as the large plug seated itself deep in her body. It had been so long that the once comfortable toy now felt like it would split her in two. She sighed with gratitude.

“Perfect. Now, Take off that dress and hop up on the bed. All fours. I’m happy to see your ass is still pink from earlier. I won’t have to spank it again for a while,” he said as he knelt behind her and eased himself inside of her weeping puss.

“Oh Jesus, Luke. That’s amazing,” she whispered.

He chuckled. “Go ahead and come. I can feel you already tensing up. Come for me, baby.”

And she did. An earthquake of pleasure shaking her world. 

“That’s it,” he encouraged. “Keep it up. Because I’m going to come soon, too. Then you’re going to suck me clean. Then, I’m going to spank that pretty ass again. Not for punishment, but because I want to. I’m going to keep spanking it until I’m hard again. Understood?”


“And then, I’m going to take that plug out that’s been stretching you out, getting you ready for me. That way, I can take my time. It will be a long time. I can fuck your ass until you beg me to stop but I won’t.”

“Of course not. Take what you want,” she murmured.

“Oh I will. I will take whatever I want for as long as I want. Because you’re mine.”

“Yes, sir. I am!”

Hours later, Amy lay curled in Luke’s embrace, her bottom scarlet, cum slowly leaking from both her front and back doors, feeling warm and cuddly and totally submissive. 

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