Behind the Mask

“Open” he commanded.

I opened my mouth. I was not being punished, but played with. The way a cat plays with a mouse. He held up the plug – a fairly small one – and slid it into my mouth. Instinctively, I closed my lips around it.

“Now, put on your mask.” I again obeyed.

We walked through the hardware store, me pushing the cart, him choosing carabiners, pipes, chains, a double ended snap hook, clothespins, and paint stirrers. The clerk checking us out looked at us oddly, but who could see me blushing? Besides, no one else’s opinion mattered besides his.

“Keep the mask on,” he told me when we were back in the car, but lift your sweater. My eyes widened, but I did as he said. He opened the clothes pin bag and clipped one to each of my nipples. I squealed, but obviously said nothing. He pulled my sweater back down over the incredibly tight pins and drove the very short distance home. Once inside he told me to go to the bedroom, strip, and bend over the bed, hands in front of me.

“Nice,” he complimented as he watched me obey. “Eventually, I’ll use everything I bought today on you, but for now, I think these two paint stirrers will suffice.”

He ran his hand down my back and patted my bottom. “Two. They’re a bit thin, so they will sting. However, they’ll also snap fairly quickly, so I can’t imagine having to give you more than, oh, fifty or so swats.”

I closed my eyes, unable to reply, unwilling to as well. By the time the second stirrer had broken, my mask was soaked with my tears and snot. Thankfully, he took pity on me and filled my wet hole with his cock. He pushed in, balls deep, then reached down and pulled the clips free. I screamed, my voice escaping around the plug still in my mouth. He grabbed a handful of hair close to the scalp and pulled my head back, leaning over my body.

“You love this almost as much as I do, don’t you? Getting fucked hard after being treated like the toy you are?”

I exploded, panting, my body quaking in agreement. He pulled out of me, only to push into the other hole, the tighter one, my own juices enough lube for us both.

“That’s right. Come my fuck toy. Come for me.” His voice was deep now and he grew even bigger just before he emptied himself inside of me. We both collapsed onto the bed, panting. After a few minutes, he pulled my mask off and removed the plug from my mouth.

“You didn’t think I was finished with this, did you? No. don’t answer. You’re officially on voice restriction. Just spread your legs wide while I put this where it goes. You’re so lubed now, I’m a bit worried it’s too small and will slip out.”

I bit my lip feeling the warm metal enter where he had just left.

“Don’t worry. If it does slip out, I’ll put in the bigger one. After, of course, I punish you letting it go.”

I looked at him and grinned. He winked at me. Yep. We both knew what would happen in a very short time.

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