Reminding Him of His Duty

Amy wanted to surprise Luke. It had been a long cold winter and they had, she feared, grown slightly apart. That was simply not acceptable. Luke had asked and she had agreed. She was not only his girlfriend, but also his submissive. He had a responsibility toward her, and if he had lost touch with that side of there relationship, it was her responsibility to remind him. 

She dressed with care, fixing her hair and make-up in the simple style they both preferred, she drove to Luke’s office. Meet me in the parking garage. I’m taking you out for dinner. She hit send. A moment later she received a reply:  Sassy, upstart little sub. I’ll be down in about 20.

“So, what made you decide on all this?” Luke asked before popping a salsa laden tortilla into his mouth.

“Well, sir, I felt that you needed a reminder of your conjugal duties,” Amy answered, her voice firm yet quiet.

Luke nodded, his brown eyes glittering. “Thought it might be that. I have been neglectful lately. Time to make that right. Hand me your panties.”

Amy felt her nipples harden. His voice was truly one of his most erotic assets.

“I’m sorry, sir, but I cannot comply.” He frowned. “Because, sir, I’m not wearing any. I’m wearing only this dress and the sandals.” He grinned.

“Prove it.” 

Luke dropped his napkin onto the floor. When he bent to retrieve it, Amy lifted the hem of her skirt slightly, allowing him a glimpse of her bare snatch.

Returning to his upright position, Amy breathed a sigh of relief seeing the predatory grin on his face. 

“Finger yourself,” he demanded.

Biting her lip and blushing, Amy obeyed, staring into his eyes. Their waiter came and dropped off their plates, asking if they needed anything else. Luke answered decisively.

“It’s good you used your left hand for your pleasure. I expect you to keep that finger inside yourself, keeping y puss happy and wet for me, while we enjoy dinner. You will eat using only your right hand and you will not come. Not until my cock is buried deep inside of you.”

Amy gasped, nodded, and wondered how the hell she would make it through the meal.

“Of course, if you can’t follow my orders, you will have to be properly spanked the moment we get back to the car,” he informed her.

Amy gushed sweet nectar and smiled. “Well then,” she said, picking up her fork with her right hand, “I suppose I’ve been duly warned.”


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