Best Thanksgiving Ever

As per our tradition, Thanksgiving begins with a very special spanking! Milord gives one good, VERY HARD slap on a cheek then takes a marker and draws the rest of the turkey. Throughout the day he will check my turkey to make sure the little is still happy and visible. If not, He’ll be replaced – on the other cheek, or inner thigh, or breast, or wherever Milord decides. Trust me, a slap that hard HURTS but, it also brings about a very strong surge of moisture from deep with me. Especially since I know that once the turkey is drawn, Milord will also give me even more to be thankful for – a finger fuck, an actual fuck, or will allow me to feed on his delightful cock until we both are thankful.

As per the tradition of stuffing the turkey, I too have been “stuffed” while preparing our meal. Due to current strictures, it’s just the two of us this year, so we are both taking extra care to make it special for the other. That’s the real key in any relationship, not just a bdsm one – Make sure you let your partner know just how important, just how respect, just how loved he or she is DAILY, but on special occasions – go that extra step, polish the glassware, use cloth napkins, dress beautifully – because everyone needs to know they worth being dressed up for.

I digress. So – This morning after my shower, I did my make-up and hair simply but elegantly. I put on a simple dress, flats, and tossed my apron on over it all so I could begin. Milord, though bend me over the kitchen counter, flipped up my shirt, and gave me my first “turkey” of the day. He also gave me my first orgasm of the day! Using my own moisture, he lubed up a medium sized plug. Slowly, he inserted it leaning over me and whispering. “The turkey isn’t the only thing going to be stuffed today. All. Day. Long. Every hour or so I’ll give you a break when I check your turkey mark. I’ve got four different plugs, my love. They will each spend time today inside of you.”

I sighed, loving the tight feel of the cold plug inside of me. Loving more how his fingers flicked and twisted my slick clit.

“After dinner, after dessert, you’ll be stuff with something better. Something I know you crave.” I quivered. Him. He would fuck me. “And once I’ve basted you,” Thank you, milord! He chuckled “You’ll be stuff again. With the largest plug we have. Then, if you’re a good, which I know you will be, after I’ve made love to you in bed tonight and watched you come over and over again, I’ll take it out and use your ass one last time, filling it with the cream you so love.”

His words, combined with his magical fingers and the cold plug, created a perfect triad and I exploded, waves of anticipation crashed over y own imagination and desire. I cried his name, clenched my fists, and screamed Yes, Yes, Yes.

Now, gingerly sitting down to dinner, five “turkeys” gracing my body, I smiled adoringly up at Milord. He grabbed my hand and lifted it to his lips.

“You know, the one thing I am most grateful for is you, my Love.”

Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

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