Most “hated” punishment

Milord has tasked me with writing about the various punishments and how I feel about them. He asked which of all the punishments he has deemed necessary do I dislike the most. Without question – extended figging!!

A few months ago I broke one of our rules. I did not insert a Yoni Egg. Naturally, I confessed to Milord the next day when I realized my mistake. After all, where’s the fun of having rules if one can break them without consequence!!

Milord decidedginger that in order to help me remember this rule, he would prepare a full hand – five fingers! – of ginger figs. For the first fig, I would keep it inside of me while sitting on the floor and worshipping Milord’s cock. I could not use my hands nor could I stop until he pulled his cock from my mouth – which took about 20 minutes. He then sprayed his pleasure across my breasts. My ass was tingling and tears were beginning to form by that time.

He removed the fig and tossed it. To make sure, though, that remembered my place, he inserted anal beads for the next twenty minutes. Just when the burn was starting to dissipate, he had me bend over the kitchen counter. Once again, he inserted another fig finger after removing the beads. He used a wooden spoon on my ass until the tears were flowing. I then had to thoroughly clean the beads. File:Analbeads.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

This process was repeated FIVE TIMES!! The spankings changed – first the wooden spoon, then his belt, then a leather paddle, and finally his hand. By the time he finished the cycle, I was begging – BEG-GING!! – for him to take my ass. Did he?

NO! This was a punishment!! After the final fig was removed he did allow for a 69. One lick of my swollen, needy nether area was all it took for me to explode!! Nonetheless, he kept us in this position, keeping his cock in my mouth, until he again came, this time allowing me to swallow is sweetness.

It wasn’t until the next day, after I had – per his instructions – inserted the Yoni egg for TWO hours AND my largest anal plug for TWO HOURS did he finally, finally fill my aching puss with his cock.

Why did I dislike this punishment so much? THAT GINGER FUCKING BURNS!!! I also despise not being penetrated by him! I felt humiliated, frustrated, and humbled. My ass was tender from all the spankings. My anus was both tender and needy. My pussy was abandoned.

So, bottom line – this is probably also one of the most effective punishments. I really hope, on one hand, Milord never has to do this to me again. On the other hand, if he chooses to, I know that it is warranted.

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