Rules 4 and 5 – conclusion

Rules 4 and 5

Remove your dress, hat, and shoes. Gather three spanking implements. Go to the dinning room and bend over the table face down. Grab one side of the table so that your clamped tits are pressed against the wood and spread your legs wide.

I had no idea how the ben wah balls, jingling merrily inside of my pussy, were staying in place since I was dripping wetness. I didn’t have much time since Milord never allowed my nipples to be clamped for more than 20 minutes and 6 had already passed. I grabbed a riding crop, a wooden paddle, and leather paddle then positioned myself.



A moment later, he walked in, inspected my selections, and then tied me in place. He began slowly with the leather paddle, warming up my skin.  Once he was satisfied, he switched to the wooden paddle. he gave me one hard wallop then bend over me and whispered, “Recite to me Rule Number 5.”

Milord may call for a session at any time or place through verbal or texted commands.

He reached beneath my tits and released the clamps. The blood rushed in and I cried out.

“Are you enjoying this sessions? The challenge? The humiliation?”

I sobbed, but answered truthfully.  Yes, Milord.

He laughed, the used the wooden paddle nine more times on my ass. By this time, I was beyond my rule to remain silent. I was begging him for release. Generally speaking, he rather enjoys my begging.

I heard him removing his clothing then he slowly popped out each anal bead. When the last one left my body, I exploded with waves of pleasure. Before the tremors had stopped, he was balls deep inside of my anus. I heard the ben wah balls hit the floor. He leaned over and said, “You know I’ll have to punish you for that.”

Again, I came with the sound of his voice. He fucked me hard and without mercy until he too lost control and shot his load deep inside of me. Once his breathing became normal again, he said, “I love how you look right now. My cum oozing from your back hole, your ass bright red, your pussy wet with need. It’s hard to believe you could look any lovelier, but after a nice pussy whipping, I bet you will.

I moaned, but could do nothing to stop his punishment. Well, I could have said my safeword, but where’s the fun in that?




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