24 hours of total surrender

You’re sure, absolutely sure you want to give me full control of you for the next 24 hours?

I am Galatia stated.

“I will still respect your safeword, but otherwise, you will be punished if you disobey me.”

I would expect so.

With this assurance of her consent, I began our evening. First, she would shower, shave absolutely everything, douche, and use an enema. I wanted her clean – inside and out. Next, she stood before me for inspection. She was perfect.

Slowly, I allowed her to begin to dress – stockings, garter belt, shoes.

Then, the plug. At all times over the next 24 hours would at least one of her holes be filled.

Yes, sir.

I slapped her ass hard. I had not asked a question, so there was no need to speak. Besides, she had already consented to everything unless her safeword was used.

I hand her step back from the glass door, put her hands on it and bend down low, sliding her hands down and marking the glass. I unzipped my trousers. No need to go slowly, her labia glistened with anticipation. Grabbing her hips, I went in, balls deep, reveled in her gasp of surprise. I took her hair, holding close to her scalp and pulled it to the side.

I pumped in and out, fucking her so hard she was on her toes. I bit her ear lobe hard enough to suck blood. That was when she came, yelping and gasping, her nails scratching against the glass. When I finished, I took a moment to calm down before having her remove the condom and dispose of it.

“Return to your position on the door,” I told her.

She raised an eyebrow, but obeyed. Using my belt, I made sure her bottom was a bright, brilliant red. She was crying by the time I finished, soft little sobs, but when I said I was satisfied, she spun around and kissed my belt then my hand. I sighed with relief, knowing that I had not been to hard on her.

“Nicely done. Now – go put one one of the dresses in the closet. The choice is completely yours, love. Any one will do. Image result for sheer dress



Galetia took a very long time deciding since each of the four dresses were completely sheer and she wore only a garter belt, stockings and shoes. All of her treasures would be easily displayed for any and all to see.

At the club were I planned to take her, this would be no problem, but she didn’t know that.

She came back to the room, with one dress in her hand, but tears running down her face.

“Is this your safeword?”


No sir, but


“Then put on a dress. Good. Open your mouth. You obviously need to be reminded not to speak unless you are answering a question or using your safeword. You may remove the gag yourself for the safeword. Your hands will not be bound. Agreed?”

She nodded and opened her mouth.

Her ass and facial cheeks equally red; she walked before me into the garage and waited for me to seat her in the car.





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