Sweater Weather

With cooler temps, sweaters are the dress of the moment. However, that does not mean that Milord will allow me to go around all frumpy and bulky, nor would I want to! Two nights ago, Milord sent me a text asking if I’d like to meet him for dinner at Bella’s, one of our favorite Italian places. Remembering my Rule of wearing a corset or Cincher, I slipped into a white lace up cincher.

Because i t was really chilly out, I decided to wear jeans. This, naturally, meant that I had to also insert a plug, something I’m not fond of doing to myself, but hey – a rule’s a rule! I selected a medium sized, but also comfortable metal one which I knew Milord liked. I didn’t think he’d ask to see it, but one can never be too careful, especially on a Monday after a particularly intense Maintenance Morning the day before!

A bit of make-up, a brush through my hair, and I was off. The look in Milord’s eyesV Neck Rib Knit Cuffs Plain Sweaters when he saw the sweater I had chosen was enough to know I had made the right choice.

We had a lovely lunch and, before leaving, he gave me a soul shattering kiss before whispering “I want to find you dressed exactly like this when I get home. Then, I’m going to slowly strip you naked and make you scream my name while I fuck that perfect pussy of yours. Be ready.”

Yes, Milord. Yes.


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