Autumn Rules 2019

  1.  I will put on a corset or waist cincher no later than 4:30 p.m. daily. (To assist with this, Milord also presented me with five new front lace, hook, or zip corsets and cinchers!!)
  2. I will wear only skirts or dresses. If I wear slack, leggings, tights, panties, or anything else between my legs, I will pay for this privilege by also wearing a medium sized butt plug.
  3. Maintenance night is now Maintenance Morning every Saturday.
  4. I will do one hour of yoga while nude at least three times a week.
  5. I will drink no alcohol until Milord offers it to me.c40dc092924c2c688add9ce025bb1f26

3 thoughts on “Autumn Rules 2019

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