A little Whine with that Wine?

“What is that?” Milord demanded.

I glanced guiltily at the dirty wine glass on the counter. I could have cleaned it up and put it away before Milord got home, but that would be cheating. I may have broken one of my Autumn Rules 2019, but I still respected them.

“At least you’ve put on a corset. Now, though, I want you to take it off. Go to the bedroom now and strip. Put your nose in the corner and wait for me there.”

Blushing, I did as commanded. Quite some time later, I heard him come in and open the closet. He reached around me and hooked a new corset onto my torso. The laces were loose, so it went on easily. Then, he began to tighten it. The stiffness pressed against my body, not painfully, but certainly strictly.

“This, my dear, is as close to a whale boned corset as can be found these days. You’ll find that the boning material is far less yielding that your steel ones.”

He tightened the laces again, and I gasped.

“You’ll be able to breathe easily,” He continued sedately, “but you’ll find bending at the waist impossible. Leaning back, lying down, kneeling will all be a tad more difficult. Nonetheless, once I’m satisfied with these laces, you’ll stick your rear out and welcome your well deserved spanking for that glass of wine you snuck in today.”

Another tug of the laces.

“Then, you’ll thank me for your punishment my sucking my cock until I come down your wine coated throat.”

He pulled back on my hips and nudged my feet further apart.

“We’ll enjoy dinner.”

His hand came down hard on my outstretched bottom.

“We’ll enjoy a bit of television.”

More smacks to my bottom.

“And then I’m going to fuck your ass.

Tears were now pricking at my eyes.

“After I come inside of it, I’m going to plug it for the night.”

I was dancing from foot to foot.

“You’ll sleep trussed up and plugged tight.”

More swats.

“And in the morning I’ll decide if I’m going to make love to that delightful pussy or have you worship my cock with your mouth again.”

My ass was on fire!

“And only then, when I’m completely convinced you’ll remember our rules, will I release you from this unbendable corset and my plug. Is all of that to your agreement?”

I gulped for breath before answering. “Yes, Milord.

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