Maintenance Morning

As per my new autumn rules, Saturday Mornings were Maintenance Mornings which meant that I would be quite humbled for the weekend. This, honestly, was something I looked forward to. i WANTED to be humbled. I WANTED to be reminded of my position. I WANTED to know Milord remembered his duty to me.

Milord was a Master at Maintenance. No two sessions were alike, but the each had enough similar structure to be comforting. I would be spanked, but not with the same implement each week nor the same position. My nipples would be manipulated, but never the same way twice. I would suck Milord’s cock, but never know if he would come in my mouth, on my face or body, or if I he would come at all. .

Sometimes he would make love to me slowly and gently, treating my puss like a precious, sacred tunnel. Other times, he would plunder my ass without regard to my pleasure, only his.

Today, he gave me a bit of all the above.

We began with him making love to me. He kissed the length of my body, making sure I came well before seeking his own pleasure. After I cleaned his cock with my mouth, he pulled me over his lap and began my warm up.

I hear the side drawer of his nightstand open and knew he was reaching for an implemente668d81362720c93a55a135e53474ddd. He showed me what he would be using and I cringed. The paddle was solid oak and the raised parts bit like a lion!


Damn. I HATED counting! Nonetheless, I did as ordered. by the time I was at 20, I was sobbing and assuring him that I had enough. That was when he reminded me that HE decided when I had had enough. I clenched the sheets beneath my hands and continued with the counts.

Fifty. He had administered fifty blows to my ass and upper legs. My tears had slowed and I had entered a land of peace.

He shifted my body so that he could stand and then spread my legs. He pushed two pillows under my hips. I just lay there, accepting all he chose to give.

When he rubbed cool, peppermint infused lube into my anus and I felt the slow burn of the oil, I whimpered and raised my hips even higher. I heard him chuckle just before he plunged his hard cock deep inside of my body.

Because he had already come earlier, he took his time. Still, each thrust was powerful and to the full depths he could go. I came and came and came again.

He lay on his back and positioned me on top of him. I didn’t even ask. I know what he expects and speared my back door on his cock. It took less than five thrusts for me to come. I felt tightness on my nipples and looked down to see two clothespins affixed to them.

Ride me


I did. The pins bouncing up and down along with my breasts. He slapped my already sore ass, making me come. Finally, he held me tight and flipped over, my legs on his shoulders, and drove his cock into me. He came, filling my bowels with his seed.

Only then did he remove the clips. I screamed when the blood rushed back into my nipples. At the same time, he pushed a plug into my bottom, making sure his seed would stay in place.

He kissed me and told me to rest. I’d taken my Maintenance Morning well.

I think I like starting my weekend out with Maintenance.

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