Final Summer Punishment

Yes, summer has fled, pushed off by Autumn. Nonetheless, before posting my Autumn Rules, I must relay my final punishment of summer. My Summer Rules were very clear and while I did have input into them, I did fully and knowing agree to the all. Milord would never FORCE me to do anything – that’s not how he works.

Number three was the problem this time. I was to wear both my wrist and ankle bracelets from 9:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack them when we went on a four day vacay to Missouri’s Wine country.

Needless to say, Milord was unhappy when this was discovered and I was ashamed of myself. I actually LOVE wearing them! They are comfortable and remind me of Milord’s love for me.

Step 1 of my punishment. A good, old fashioned over the knee until my bottom was blistered and I was a sobbing mess. Before entering our secluded rented cabin in the woods I was to undress (naturally!) and  them immediately go inside and kneel over a chair, bottom up.  I was to stay in that position until Milord delivered what he believed to be an appropriate spanking. Once, I stayed in position for aver thirty minutes before he dealt out only five smacks and other, less than thirty seconds and he delivered fifty.

Before leaving the cabin, I was to kneel before Milord, suck his cock until he either came or indicated I should stop, then ask if Milord would like to discipline me. Three times he said Yes and five times No.

Trust me when I say, it was a good week after we got home that I could sit properly.

I was not to leave the cabin without a plug in my ass.

I was not to leave the cabin Milord binding my body with a Shibarian bra and panties.

I was not to leave a winery without offering my thanks and services to the wine steward.

I was to be fucked (ass and mouth only) at least twice a day by Milord.

Yes, the weekend was a trial in many ways, but it was also incredible, thanks to Milord’s firm hand and consistent discipline.DG9x1FSUQAAHcgR



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