A is for Answers

I’m going to start a new series, and as long as I get enough likes, I’ll continue through the Alphabet.

Bet you were thinking I’d put “A is for Ass” since this is a BDSM story blog, right? I just couldn’t do it – too easy. Here’s the BDSM Answers.

Yes (Add appropriate title) – This is a given for Submissives and Dominants alike. Submissive say Yes to their Dominant and Dominants say Yes to their Submissives. Submissives say Yes to obedience, love, respect.  Dominants say Yes to Protection, love, respect. (Notice how the last 2 are the same!!)

Yellow – This means I’ll think about it or slow down and let’s talk.

Safeword – This, naturally, means full stop. IMMEDIATELY. Do not continue. Do not “Let’s just go one more.” To ignore this Answer is to break all bonds of trust.


So basically, there are three possible Answers to any BDSM situation.tumblr_mld6zhfNmQ1rr4szko1_500

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