The Disciplinarian – Her perspective

The Disciplinarian

Fucking traffic made me late. Okay, that’s not fair. I should have started earlier, then if I had arrived at the hotel too soon, I could have stalled in the lobby until it was the appropriate time. Now, I’ll have to pay for my tardiness. Truly, I can’t compain. After all, I am the one to set up most of the rules and to have asked my best friend, Greg, to be my Disciplinarian. When we meet like this, though, he is NOT my friend. He enforces rules I have set for myself by using methods I have agreed to. He becomes not exactly cold, but certainly stern. We are both there for one purpose and one purpose only – to ensure that I meet my goals and if I do not, I am held accountable for my own actions. When I finally arrive and he openes the door, I know I’m in for it. There’s no point in complaining, so I don’t. “Eighteen,” he says. Crap! I hadn’t realized I was THAT late! I quickly strip off my clothes and11412098_1620493241559870_7433698702211009023_n position myself at the side off the bed. I hear his belt slide loose and, must to my embarrassment, I feel my labia soften and sweet water gather. My Disciplinarian, though, gets on with the job at hand without preamble. He strikes each cheek 8 times. I’m biting the top cover of the bed to keep from screaming. My ass is on fire and I know i’ll not be sitting comfortable for days. I panic, realizing I have 2 more stripes to go. He lands them both in quick succession on my now wet and exposed pussy. I yelp, shocked by the pain which courses through my body, but also at the surprise of it. The room now reeks of the scent of my excitement.

“Now that we have taken care of your tardiness, shall we begin?” he says.

I slide down to the floor, plance my hands flat on the floor, my head on my hands and my ass raised. I stay this way until he commands “Up.”

He attaches a collar around my neck, which I hate. Then a leash, which I hate more. How humiliating to be treated like an animal!! Still, the leash and collar do their work and I immediately become humbled. He berates me for my lack of control and slaps my tits. Tears are flowing down my face more from shame than from the pain of the slaps. My nipples are rock hard now and I am truly remorseful for eating so many sweets last week! He then attaches clamps to my nipples, pinching them tightly. He pulls my leash and I stand. I must now recite to him every infraction I have committed. My face is as red as I’m sure my ass is, but I continue. When I finish, he tugs my leash and I’m again kneeling. I carefully unzipping his jeans and taking his cock into my mouth. Obviously, he is also affected by our session. I gag a bit at his size, but this is no matter. He continues to harden in my mouth. I start to reach up but stop myself. Unless I’m told, I must use only my mouth. My nipples are sore enough without him slapping them further! He grabs my hair, forcing my head down, fucking my mouth. I know this is punishment, but damn I love this!! His meat inside off my mouth, following his orders, paying for my sins. I’m about to come! I struggle to keep my eyes turnejd upward, watching him, as he requires. My face is a mess, just like he likes it. Finally, his thick, sweet cream shoots down my throat and I swallow as much as I possibly can. He pulls out quickly, a string of his cum attaching my lips to his now satisficed cock.

He wastes no time but hauls me up to the bed. He looses my collar – thank god!  but pulls it up between my lips like a gag. My hands are tied above my head, secured to the head board. My ankles are spread wide and tied to the foot board, spread eagle. A cool breeze brings momentary relief to my hot, weeping pussy. He takes my leash and uses it to whip my thighs. I’m crying again, but I feel the release of the knot of guilt I’ve held inside of me. With the tears I find, shocking to say, peace. I’ve entered into submind and am only half aware of what he does to me. He grasps the chain connecting the nipple clamps, asks if I am ready. I blink once and bite down hard as he yanks the clamps off. I scream into the leather collar as the blood rushes back into my nipples and yet another wave of wetness washes from my inner core.

Now, now is the time, finally, for my reward. My Disciplinarian stands between my legs, naked, his cock hard again. I know he will fuck me mercilessly. My pussy, my anus, he’ll take what he wants. There will be no gentleness because none is wanted. But trust me when I say, before he finishes, I will be well satisfied, sore not only from my whippings and the clamps, but from the number and ferocity of the orgasms he will force upon me. My Disciplinarian is, without a doubt, stern, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.




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