What Lies Beneath – 2

He does have an eye for elegance, Milord. He sent me a gift this morning with specific instructions. He is particular about publically my submission. I am, thank God, to dress demurely in p8 вподобань, 1 коментарів – @ea7.private в Instagram: «»ublic – at least my outer clothes. My underclothing, however, is another matter entirely. What people can’t see won’t offend, and we have no wish to offend anyone’s sensiblities or to corrupt the underage! A few months ago Milord decided to do a little experiment. What Lies Beneath  We were both pleased with the result but time and life have precluded a repeat. Today, though, Milord has, apparently, decided the time has come. I open the box and find a stunning bra and panties set. I have to admit, it took a while for me to figure out how to put on the bra and arrange it properly. Because of the high neck harness, I knew I would be limited in my choice of outwear. Beneath the lingerie, however, was another box and a note:  insert and adjust t

Black Long Sleeve High Neck Pocket Design Dress

o your comfort. Finish dressing. Wear comfortable shoes because you are to walk to my home. I shall expect you no later than 1:00 p.m.  I opened the box and saw a flexible vibrator. It folded so that that one end touched my clit while the other was snuggled inside of me. I followed Milord’s instructions, found a dress with a high neck, and began the 1/4 mile walk to Milord’s home. The walk didn’t bother me in the least. I regularly walked up to 5 miles miles days. Suddenly, the vibrator began pulsing. I stumbled and gasped. Luckily, no one was around. How was he doing that?? The vibration increased and I bit my lip, struggling to walk normally. B the time I arrive at Milord’s door, I was wide eyed, sweating, and dripping wet. He stood there, leaning against the open doorway, a diabolical grin on his face, and waving his phone at me.

“You know, there’s really an app for everything these days.”

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