Dressed for MY pleasure

DGi8zEAXkAAYcXrI love the way her eyes widened when she saw what the package. She loves presents. My cock filled with blood, seeing her pleasure. She wants to open the box, I know, but she knows my expectations. She turns to me, a big grin across her face, and begins to strip out of her clothes. I sit on the bed, watching her and I’m sure my cock is going to explode. Stoically, I maintain my composure. She lies across my lap and giggles, feeling my erection. Oh she’ll pay for that, just like she pays for her gift. I deliver one hard, sharp slap. My cub settles down immediately and my grin widens as I watch the white skin of her bottom reddened into a mirror of my hand. In some ways, I don’t really want to spank her more – that one perfect outline of my hand is incredible. Still, a Lion cannot disappoint his cub and so I continue until my hand is burning and her skin is a brilliant crimson.  I can smell her arousal and desperately want her mouth on me, but not yet. Too soon. She is primed and ready, but has yet to orgasm. She has yet to pay. I run my finger down her slit and watch as a slow tremble runs up her body. She sighs and I plunge three fingers deep inside of  her. Her voice is incredible when she comes. She screams “Yes!” and comes all over my fingers. I work her clit with my thumb. Her screams continue and those slow trembles are now a tsunami passing through her body. Only when I’m sure she’s finished do I shift my position and lie her on the bed, pretty red ass shining. She gets herself into position, ass up, head down, while I undress. There’s nothing gentle or easy about this. I kneel behind her and bury my cock inside of her hot, tight, creamed pus. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me,” she screams. My cub may be sweet and delicate and beautiful, but she not fragile. I grab a fist full of her thick hair, pull back her head, lean over and whisper, “You’re such a slut, aren’t you. You’ll do anything for my cock.”

“Yes! Yes!”

I can’t hold it any longer. My balls tighten and every drop of blood in my body is evaporated by her heat. I fill her with my cum, giving her everything. “Yes! Yes!” she screams.

“Can I open it now?” I laugh and let her. She tears into the box like a kid on Christmas morning. She stares, both pleased and horrified.

“No. No, my Lion. It’s lovely, but not tonight. Please. There will be so many people at the opening. Important people. People you need to impress.”

“All true, and you are part of that impression, my cub. People will be awed not only by my art, but by my wife.”

“But they’ll see my ass! And it’s going to be red for hours!!” I just look at her and smile. I get up and begin to dress in my tux. “Lion!!” I ignore her and continue to get ready for the art opening. She sighs, flops on the bed, then in a huff, begins to dress. She doesn’t shower because she knows this is not allowed. I love the smell and lootumblr_omdf1jLI9W1tyvd17o1_500k and feel of my cum as it dries on her thighs. Once we’re both ready, I pull her into my arms, kiss her, and say, “You’re beautiful. Your skin, your attitude, your smell, your submission. It’s all beautiful. I know you don’t like showing off your body or your submission, but I do. I appreciate this, my cub. Your willingness to give me what I want even if isn’t want you want. I love you.”

She kissed me back then, shocked me by saying, “Your wrong. I may not want to wear this dress, but I want, very much, to please you. Therefore, my Lion, this is exactly what I want.”

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