Anal Discipline – completed

Anal Discipline

I’ve worn this awful plug and harness for two days – just over actually. It’s been 50 hours.  It’s locked into place, so each time I need to have a BM Mister requires that I kneel, beg for permission, then suck his cock until he comes in my mouth. Once I’ve finglassesished, the plug is washed, covered with ginger paste, reinserted, and locked into place. Today I went to work with this locked harness, a constant reminder of Mister’s power over me, power which I willingly gave him. I hate this, but love him for it. Yes, this is a harsh punishment, but not undeserved. How do I feel? Well, I’m certainly humiliated and humbled. I understand that my behavior also humiliated Mister.

I am regretful, honestly regretful of that behavior. I have been uncomfortable for the last 50 hours, reminding me of just how uncomfortable it is for Mister when I ignore his orders or lie to him. I tell him all of this as I kneel before him. He has not required me to kneel, but I do anyway. It just seems fitting. He asks if I feel that the punishment was unfair and I answer that it was not. He asks if I feel the punishment was enough and I answer that it is for him to decide. He leans down, kisses me, and tells me that my answer pleases him. He will remove the harness and plug and my punishment is complete. However, he warns, it has become apparent to him that I need more discipline and since spanking brings me excitement and anal brings me humility, he has decided to combine the two. He tumblr_olokk7rqDv1ucdihlo1_1280helps me to stand, undresses me, and unlocks the harness. He pulls the inflatable plug from me and I’m shocked that I feel somewhat bereft, empty. I will now, he tells me, go to the bed, kneel with my ass in the air and my head on the mattress. I rush to obey. He makes me wait there, in position, for a good half hour. Finally, he comes to me, kneels behind me, and presses his slick cock against my anus. He goes slowly, but relentlessly. Despite being plug for so long, his cock feels enormous and I squirm. He slaps my ass sharply, scolding me, telling me to stay still and stay silent. He continues to slap my bottom as he moves in and out of my ass. I moan and he slaps harder, reminds me of his order to stay silent. I can speak, he tells me, only after he has come. He fucks and spanks me for a long, long time. I want to lose myself but if I do I’ll moan again or scream his name. I feel the tide rising and I come, biting into the sheet to keep from screaming. He’s pleased, encourages me, tells me how good I am, and then I feel the hot splash of his seed shooting into my bowels. He lies beside me, holds me in his arms, and I begin to babble. I can’t believe it. I’ve never enjoyed anything anal, nor can I say I “enjoyed” this, but I’m thanking him. Thanking him for his love, for his discipline, for his strength. He kisses me and tells me that each day I will either be plugged for a minimum of an hour, fucked in my ass while being spanking, or both. This will go on until he’s sure that I have learned to trust him, to be honest with him, and to abide by the rules that we both agreed to. Then, he asks what he always does. He asks if I agree to this. I think about my behavior of last week and then I think of the 50 hours I was locked and plugged. My bottom is tingling from the spanking and my anus feels tender and well used. “Yes, Mister, yes. I hate this, but I love that you are making me do it. I love submitting to you, and I need you to push my limits. Thank you.”

5 thoughts on “Anal Discipline – completed

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  3. I like the submission to discipline in the story. Some of the punishment was very unpleasant yet you accepted it fairly graciously. Plus you let him know that the butt reddening spanking wasn’t going to change your behavior. Being Dominant myself it’s always illuminating to see how other Doms deal with brats in addition to sound spankings.
    Thanx for the post!


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