Office Surprise

I went to visit Sir today. He has been working hard on a paper and stuck in his office doing research of all kinds.  The current topic he’s working on is how the Japanese art of Shibari has added to the mainstreaming of certain aspects of BDSM. Sir, you

see, speaks and writes fluent Japanese. He doesn’t drink alcohol, so instead I prepared a picnic basket of tea (even a pretty pot and cups), some sushi, and shojin gomadoufu. Sir sometimes forgets to eat and it’s my job to help him keep up his strength. He’s pleased to see me, but also displeased. He’s nto fond of surprises, and would have rather I called ahead. I arrange the tea on a side tablel for him then kneel before him and ask his forgiviness for this intrusion. He smiles down at me, pleased by my humble attitude. Then he tells me I’ve been naughty by not letting him know I was coming and for giving him a hard on when he has work to do. I flush with pride. I absolutely love that Sir gets a hard on every time he sees me. He tells me I deserve punishment and I agree. He pulls me to my feet and plops me onDFpRMW1XoAAylaRto his desk. I at least knew better than to wear anything between my legs – no pants or undies. I’m wearing a black dress and stockings beneath my boots. Sir asks if I want to be fucked in my pussy or ass. I look at him, see his stern, magical eyes, and tell him that the choice is his. I will gratefully accept whatever pleases him because having his cock inside of me, in any place, is all I desire. This answer pleases him and he bends down to lick me, lapping up my dripping honey. I come quickly and he chuckles a bit. He gathers my wetness on his fingers and eases them into my anus. I tense, and know that he’s made his choice. Once I’m loose enough, he eases his cock into my bottom. How can something be so uncomfortably big and yet so erotically perfect? He plays with my clit and I come again, crying out his name, begging for more. He gives it to me and pounds into me without mercy or gentleness. He pinches my clit with one hand and reaches beneath my dress to twist a nipple with the other hand. I explode, shatter into a million shards of light. He too comes inside of me, gracing me with his essense.

Once we are both calm, I pour the tea for him and serve him his meal. Htied vaginae eats and chats while I sit quietly at his feet, content and happy. When he finishes, he tells me to stand and lift my dress. He’s going to use some of what he’s learned while doing research. He takes a red rope from his desk and proceeds to tie it around my body, harnessing me with his rope, his knots, and his will. He asks if I am comfortable and I shake my head. He asks if I am in pain, and I shake my head again. He asks if I will think of him until he can return home to me. I smile and say “Yes, Sir.”

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