Tidy Whitey

I’m a clutz. If I can get from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. without a coffee stain on me somewhere, it’s a good day. The problem is that I get so distracted by shiny things that I forget what I’m doing and spill shit. I’ve asked Milord to help with this and he haDBNqoSrWAAABdOis happily agreed. Per his orders, I must wear nothing but white for the next 10 days. (Ten days seems to be the magic time frame of breaking habits.)  By wearing white, I will not be able to hide any stains or spills. If, somehow, I do manage to keep myself clean but spill something on a counter, perhaps, I’m put a mark on my clothing. At the end of the day, Milord will inspect my clothes, count each mark or stain and administer an equal number of marks with a cane. I HATE the cane! Milord has a quick had with it so that it stings like the dickens, raises a welt that I’ll feel for a day or two, but never breaks my skin or delivers more than I can take.  Today was my first day and, sure enough, I dribbled coffee down myself first thing. By the end of the day, I had to put two marks on my shirt and 3 other stains had joined the party. When Milord got home, he glanced at my shirt, but said nothing. During dinner, a wine drop was added to my shirt. By he time we were ready for bed, I had wracked up 8 stains. I stripped (I’m never allowed to wear clothing during a discipline session) handed Milord the evidence he needed, and bent over the spankcane marking table. I held on to the wooden edges and waited. Milord counted out each stain, correctly guessing what each one was. Coffee, wine, mustard, make-up, and so on. He laughed a bit, told me that he was sure I’d improve tomorrow, lay one had gently on the small of my back and quickly administered all 8 stripes.  After, he held me as I sobbed and thanked him. I could feel his cock, hard and splendid. I asked if he would please make love to me. He laughed, kissed me, and said, “That is one of the reasons I love you. You’re always eager and never hold grudges. Yes, my love, of course I will.” Because of the tenderness of my bottom, he let me get on top and set the pace. Slow, gentle, loving. Nonetheless, you can be sure I’ll be more careful tomorrow. My goal is no more than 4 spills. Think I can do it?

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