Tidy Whitey Update

So we argued a bit. I insisted that using an apron while cooking would be cheating. Sir insisted that an apron was designed to be worn while cooking so as to keep clothing clean. Naturally, he won.  I still felt like a bit of a cheat so I suggested that rather than wearing white, I could only wear the apron while cooking. He grinned, liking this idea, but chose the apron for me. It fully covered my breats and hung to mid thigh, covering all the dainty bits. He insisted that my most delicate parts be protected from random grease splatter. See that I was still uncomfortable, he signed and finally agreed that I would be held responsible for any spot or splatter that was NOT on the apron. I smiled and agreed. Last week, I begged him to help me become less clumsy in Tidy Whitey. I’m down to only one or two spots on my clothing a day – a HUGE improvement! I don’t want to slip back into my old slovenly ways. My house is neater, my clother is cleaner, and I feel better about myself now. Sir even suggested that we do away with the daily caning for each spot on me, transfering it to a weekly one. I thought about it, but asked him – respectfully – to delay weekly accounts for a while more. Being held to my mistakes on a daily basis was working for me. Sir, bless him, agreed. Last night he delivered only 2 stripes with the cane. So far today, I’m excempt! One of the may things I love about Sir is his willingness to listen to me and meet my needs (so long as they are reasonable!) He helps me set and meet goals which ultimately make me a more confident, happy person.

Seeing a lack of mess on my body and white dress, he’s given me a tast today. What reward should I be given if I make it through a whole day without mess? Hmmmmmm. So many possibilities. I’m going to have to think about this for a while.tumblr_nb4pa2nuhp1risr9ko1_r1_540

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