Lesson in Humility

I look at her and know she hates this. I also know she’ll obey. My Girl has a strong prideful streak which has caused her issues in the past. Lost jobs. Aliented friends. She has asked that I help her tame her prideful ways, and I have happily agreed. This morning she mouthed off to the boy bagging our groceries simply because he forgot to ask if we preferred plastic or paper. Despite his apology, she continued to chastise him. Now, it’s her turn for chastisement. She knew she was in trouble the moment saw the look on my face, but no amount of begging will stop this lesson. She has agreed. Unless she says her safe word, the lesson will continue. First, I tell her to strip. She does this. Then, I make her put away the groceries while I watch. When she gets to the new peel we just purchased, I tell her to give it to me. Her eyes widen and she knows what’s coming. Nonetheless, she hands it to me then I have her kneel on the table. Next, I tie her wrists, forcing her down onto her elbows, her ass in the air. I scold her and tell her that I’m not going to tie her legs in place but if she moves, she will regret it.

Then, the spanking commences. Good Lord but she has a perfect ass for spanking. Round, plump. The peel is a formidable utensil, covering a large area quickly. After five strokes to each cheek, her skin is a bright, uniform pink. She begins to wiggle but I don’t remind her not to move. I’m rather hoping she will and sure enough, on the eighth stroke, she cries out and moves her legs together, her head coming up. I smile, knowing she can’t see my face, and push her back into position. Now she’s weeping. My cock is so hard it’s about to explode, but I continue. After 12 strokes to each cheek, she’s a perfect shade of red. I set down the peel and unzip my pants. My cock springs free and I stand behind her. The scent of her excitement almost pushes me over the edge, not to mention her wet, luscious slit. I grab her hips and thrust fully into her. Again, she cries out. She likes a little warm up first, but not today. Today is about a lesson in humility. Her warm wetness encases all of my 10 inches, and I fuck her hard. Mercilessly. She’s ready to come, on the edge, but this is not abo


ut her pleasure, it’s about teaching her a lesson. I’m ready so I pull out – something else she hates – and spray her hot red ass. Even though I want nothing more than to gather her into my arms, I don’t.

I zip my pants again and leave her there. Waiting. My cum drying on her skin. I walk into our bedroom and choose a dress for her. Very revealing. Low cut and barely long enough to cover her cunt. I allow her to wear plain white panties. I have a feeling she’ll need this brief covering. I pick out heels too, 4 inch black shoes. I go back to untie her and she’s stopped weeping. She’s heard me come back into the room because she’s begging forgiveness, saying she’s learned her lesson and is sorry. As I untie her, I tell her that I would believe her, but she disobeyed my order not to move. That tells me she is need of further instruction. I hand her the dress and heels and tell her to get ready. She opens her mouth to object but changes her mind. Quickly, she puts on the red dress and steps into the heels.

We go out side, her walking behind me. I lead her to the historic area of town, a place where tourists often walk. Once there, I find the benches. I tell her to bend over. My cock hardens again when I see the despair in her eyes. She doesn’t want to Related imagedo this, but knows she should. A single tear escapes her big eyes but she nods and obeys. This is not the first public punishment she has endured. Nothing takes the pride right out of her more than this. I put a hand on her back to remind her to stay in position then administer twenty hard smacks. People turn to look and one woman stops to intercede. My Girl looks up and assures her that she’s fine, that I’m not harming her, that I’m only doing what needs to be done. The woman reluctantly walks away but we’ve draw a crowd now, mainly men – friends of mine actually, whom I’ve texted and asked to witness. I’ve chosen the time of day in order to avoid any children who should be in school. If a young one appears. I would immediately stop, but luckily, this doesn’t happen today. The men form a circle around us, effectively blocking the view from random passerbys. They make comments about her ass, her attitude. They can easily see her wet pussy through the white cotton. She’s crying again and drops to the ground, kneeling. She begs forgiveness, looking up at me with her beautiful, wet, big blue eyes. I ask if she’s learned her lesson and she says yes. I believe her and nod to my friends. They clap me on the shoulder and move away.

I help my Girl to her feet. I know she’s humiliated, her ass tender. I know she’s probably aching for release since I didn’t allow her to orgasm earlier. Still, I’m not quite ready to give her that release.

Let’s get some lunch, I say, testing to see if she truly has learned her lesson. She takes my hand, kisses it and says: Yes, if that is what you’d like.

Yes, my Girl has learned her lesson today.

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