Walking CANE


51a46aab1d5902a6ee77828380efebdbA walking cane was not necessary, but it was. I had not been behaving well lately, and so my Lion decided that I needed more attention, which was true. Life has been busy and I had indeed been feeling overwhelmed with work and other responsibilities as well as somewhat neglected by Him. This week, though, would be a time of renewal and relaxation. We both took some well deserved time off work. My Lion started the week with a reminder of my expectations, which he recited to me, one by one, and had me repeat. Naturally, this was not a regular recitation. He first bound me to our bedroom door, St. Andrew Cross fashion. Then, after each repeated expectation, he landed a stripe with an implement I could not see but sure as all that’s ho

ly felt across my bottom. The sting, he said, would reinforce the expectations. He was right. By the time I had repeated each of my five expectations, they were burned into my soul as surely as the flesh on my bottom was scorched. He then unbound me, turned me to face him, kissed my tears away, and showed me the implement. A sword! A freaking sword! He had used the flat of the unsharpened blade to wack my bottom. I then inserted the sword into a walking cane and screwed it in place. The cane, he said, would be within arm’s reach every moment for the next week. If I did not meet an expectations, reprisal would be immediate, no matter where we were. He held me, kissing my neck and whispered, “If we are out, I will take you to a private place, my love. You will bend over, bare your bottom, and receive your reprimand within five minutes. For each minutumblr_onljmrIrwS1w7474fo1_500te over, I will increase the number of stripes you will bear.” I sighed and pressed my naked body against his. With the first touch of the leather restraints with which he had bound me I had begun to feel my tension seeping away. Now, my shoulders relaxed. I kissed his chest, slid to floor, and looked up at him, my master, my love, my lion. I sat back on my heels, savouring the tenderness of my freshly marked flesh, and placed my hands, palm up, on my knees. I breathed deeply, then said, “As you say, so let it be.”

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