Upon his command

tumblr_nydayv2KVC1teg8f3o1_500I was so freaking focused on the Summer Rules 2017 that I totally forgot about the House Rules. This was a MAJOR mistake because, in all honestly, it was me who set up the house rules! i offered Sir a list of ten rules which I was willing to abide by and he chose five. The other night, though, I disobeyed, and disobeyed badly. He wanted me to be nude, totally nude. No one else was in the house, so there was no real reason for me to balk. But, I did. I was in a snarly mood and refused. I told him that if he wanted me naked, he’d better be naked as well. This, obviously, didn’t go over well. He snatched me by the arm and pulled me over his lap. Without preamble, he flipped up my skirt and whacked my bottom. Hard. I kicked and squirmed until he hit about 15. For some reason I can’t stop my mind from counting. At 15 something snapped. I became the docile, happy sub I usually am. Then, it occurred to me that I hadn’t had a good, really good spanking for over a week. Sir kept on until a count of 30 at which point I was sobbing and thanking him. He held me and murmured. Once I’d calmed down, he 19477844kissed me an apologized. Seriously! He apologized to me!! Why? Because he also realized that it had been over a week since he’d disciplined me and he knows how much I need this. He kissed me again and promised that for the next week he’d make up for his neglect. Each morning I’d start my day over his lap. He’d start with a count of 20. If I accepted it well, that would be it, if I didn’t, I’d have an addition count of 20 until I did accept it. After, I’d thank him – properly – on my knees with his cock in my mouth.  And so, I will begin my day with a red bottom and a mouth full of cock. My first sustenance will be his cum. Which is why I will begin each day with a smile on my face, purpose in my soul, and a song in my heart.

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