Game Over

Play a Game began our adventures. By the time we finished, 4 hours later, with Sir having come in my mouth and pussy both once. I had enjoyed countless orgasms, so much so that I could barely walk my legs were so shaky! I’d also been spanked with a spoon, his belt, my nipples clipped with clothes pins and clamps, and no longer wore any scrap of clothing. Now it was time for the final envelope. I knew what it would be labeled since there were 5 Pain and 5 Pleasure. I’d already found 4 pain and 5 pleasures. One Pain left. I found it, handed it to him, and watched as he opened it. He was grinning. This worried me, as it should! Plug. Okay, this won’t be so bad, I thought. I’ve worn plugs before, so it will be okay. Then, I saw it and felt the color drain from my face.

Sir, pleaseYour-Ass-is-Mine-Butt-Plug-With-Leash

“Did you forget the rules of the game, which you agreed to? Once the envelope is opened, you will do as it says. Now, bend over.”

He was right. I bent over and waited for the cold lube. Then, the cold steel of the plug. He wrapped the handle around his hand and tugged  gently.

“If I have to tug hard enough to pull that plug out, we will be revisiting every one of the Pain cards.”

I told him I understood. For the next few hours I stood or knelt by his side. The large O ring at the base of the plug prevented me from actually sitting. I was still nude which he took full advantage of to my great delight. He extracted five more orgasms from my now exhausted body. Once I needed to use the restroom, so I had to ask him to take me. I thought he might afford me privacy, but he didn’t. He pulled the leash behind my back to keep it out of the way of the stream and just stood there and watched. Humiliation pleases him, displeases me, but also excites me. Eventually, he took me to bed and lay me on my back. He used his mouth, tongue, fingers on me until I begged for mercy. Finally, he gave me what I wanted, what I needed. His glorious cock! He was not gentle, nor did I want him to be. He was primal, animalistic almost. Perfect. I came again and again, and finally, when I was beginning to see black spots in front of my eyes, he came one last time. When he did, he pulled the plug from my body. I screamed from the pure joy of it all. We rested, cradled in each other’s arms. After a bit he kissed me, then said,

“So, I was thinking that at least once a month we need to play a Game.”

And that, Sir, is one of the many reasons I love you. You’re so very resourceful.

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