In honor of my 200th post.

Milord is fond of numbers. 200 seconds is just over 3 and a half minutes. 200 minutes equals just over 3 and a half hours. 200 hours is 8 and a half days. For the next 8 and a half days, 200 is the magic number. We will be staying in a very small, very rustic cabin. Inside is a bed, two chairs, a small table, a cabinet, some pegs on the walls, a fireplatumblr_oqj6v16O3n1qzwmsso1_1280ce, and a dry sink. There’s also a large slab of wood over the fireplace for a mantle, a swinging arm which can hold both a kettle and a cauldron over the fir. Outside is a fire pit with an iron grill that can be set over it. There is a clear spring fed stream close by where we will bath and gather water in two buckets each day. For 200 hours this is our home. I will, during this time, only wear shoes, and even then, only when Milord hands them to me. Aside from that, no other clothing. Milord will wear what he chooses – generally not much more. Since he will be hunting and fishing for our food, though, he will generally wear breeches and shoes. And his belt, of course. Why 200? because we have been together as a 24/7 BDSM couple for 200 weeks – 3 years, and 8 months, and some change. Most things that he will do to me during these 200 hours will be in groups of 200, at least. First, every morning and everyfireplace evening, I will suck his cock for 200 seconds, minimum. Yes, Milord keeps a stopwatch handy as well as well as the wind up wall clock! When we first arrived, Milord granted me 200 lashes of his flogger. I know that sounds intense, and trust me – it was! – but he counts each kiss of each lash. His flogger has 10 soft, wide, suede “tails” so really, it was only 20 strokes. Before we leave her, I must have at least 200 orgasms. He must have at least 20. If I fail in this, I will be punished, upon my insistence.

I am the one who decided upon the punishable acts. Milord will decide upon the punishments. When Milord is off hunting or fishing, I will be plugged anally and with ban wah balls or a stone egg in my pussy. If I rebel against this, I will be punished. If I complain or show reluctance about being filled in any hole with any implement – his beautiful cock included, I will be punished. If I don’t complete my fair share of the chores, I will be punished. So far, 2 days into our trip, I’ve been punished three times, each time for complaining about the anal plug. I hate anal training, but at the same time, I love it – or at least I will learn to. Even now, only 2 days in, I can feel my body and mind softening, releasing tension and control, handing such decisions over to Milord – which is what I will call him – Milord, Sir, or Lord. If I fail to do this, you guessed it, I will be punished.

As to the punishments, for the first offense, Milord cuffed me to a tree just outside of the cabin. The rough bark scratching my back and my legs spread wide. Milord, using his hand this time, spanked my pussy for 200 seconds – 3 and a half minutes.tumblr_nao8pt80Mc1s33cvuo1_500 This may not sound like a long time, but he was not gently. While he spanked, he scolded me, reminding me of my duty as his willing and loving submissive. He slapped constantly, no breaks, for the entire 200 seconds. Soon enough I was crying and begging for him to stop (but did not say the safe word!), which he ignored. Despite the pain, the slaps began to take on a slight splashing sound, which pleased him greatly. By the time he finished, I was more than primed for another orgasm – which he graciously granted. To return the favor, I had to slide down the tree, hands still locked behind me, squat down and suck his cock until he came. I seriously love sucking his cock and swallowing his sweet cum, but because this was a punishment, he denied me this pleasure, instead coming on my face, neck, and breasts. He rubbed his cream into my face, scolding me still. Only then did he release me from the tree.

For the Second Punishment, he’d found some wild ginger which he peeled and shaped. If I didn’t like the plug he’d put in me, he said, he’d use the ginger instead.

For my thirwristsd punishment, he used rope and tied my wrists together. I had to keep them tied for 200 minutes – roughly 3 and a half hours – and still complete all of my chores (gathering kindling, filling the water buckets, foraging for edible plants, sucking his cock upon his command). He did remove the plug, but only so that he could fuck my ass. His cock is quite wide, which is why I often don’t look forward to this particular activity. However, I did notice that there was hardly any pain, even when he first entered me. The plugs, after all, were doing the work they were intended for – stretching me so that I could more easily take him. I absolutely LOVE have all of my holes available for his use at any time. This knowledge was enough to tip me over the edge yet again. It was only the second day and I’d already had over 25 orgasms (probably more, but I simply couldn’t keep track of them all!). As he fucked me he whispered, “That’s it. That’s my sweet slut. Open for me.” His words added to his cock and the bindings and again I exploded beneath him. He too emptied himself in my ass. This would make the second orgasm of the day for him and the 7th in our 2 days here. When he pulled out, he replaced the plug. This time, rather than complaining, I welcomed it. I spun around, kissed him heartily, then thanked him. He gave my ass a loving swat them said, “Oh now that deserves a reward. By the time you get the squirrel stew over the fire I’ll be ready again. This time, I promise you’ll scream my name in pleasure.” 200 is my new favorite number.


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