The Disciplinarian

It’s not like she was surprised. I’d been very explicit in my expectations. Wear pretty heels and a dress. Nothing else. Your cell phone must be turned off. Knock on room 247 at the Plaza Hotel at 2:15 p.m.  Katherine comes to me for discipline so what kind of a man would I be if I00000000a didn’t give her what she came for, especially when she’s late by 10 minutes. I realize that no one could have predicted a traffic accident which blocked traffic, but I will accept no excuse, now would she want me to.  In fact, the moment she stepped into the room she looked me in the eyes and stated, “It’s my fault. I should have started out earlier and just waited outside the door for the right time.”  I sit on the bed while she continues her confession. She’s studying for her PH.D. in Women’s Studies. Rather than working on her thesis, however, she spent 2 hours on the internet just playing games – something which she has requested I punish her severely for doing. She also went to bed late 3 times this week. This demanded more than the usual spanking. Luckily, I’d prepared for such an event. Katherine had enjoyed several weeks of mild discipline which meant she was due to act out. I began with a hand spanking over my knee. I do not make her count, nor do I set a time. I find it best to let her wonder when it will end. I continued this until she was quietly sobbImage result for figged disciplineing. I do not allow her to cry out. If she does, I tape her mouth closed. This ensures no phone calls from the front desk about the noise. In this regard, she is well trained. She hates the tape, and so generally keeps the noise level to moans, soft groans, and quiet sobs. Once she is crying, I continue for another five minutes or so.  I soothe her for a moment or two, until she has calmed. Then, I show her the ginger and peeler. She must now peel and carve the ginger into a plug. If the shape or size does not meet with my approval, she must redo her efforts on another “finger”. I’ve brought a rather large “hand” and it takes her three tries before I’m satisfied. I then have her undress and bend lie face down on the bed. I tell her that I dislike waste. Therefore, we will be using all three ginger figs – each w9f79a6deae49488bfa993f4c020bef97_velikonocni-pomlazka1ill be inserted into her anus for twenty minutes – a total of an hour. She begins to cry again, but tears are no substitute for a safe word and so I insert the first. I lecture and scold her for twenty minutes, unmoved by her tears. For the second set, I show her a thickly braided whip and tell her that I will be using this on her bottom and upper thighs. She is not to move, not even kick, during this phase. If she does so, I will tie her down and insert the final fig into her cunt. I speak slowly, eating away at the time, but her anticipation is so perfect I can’t help but smile and hope she will, indeed, move. By now, only ten minutes are left on her time, which is fine by me. She, I know, has lost all sense of time. Her cunt is now as wet as her cheeks, her ass red and it, along with her thighs, covered in slightly raised pink welts.  I remove the ginger and allow her time to recover. While she’s doing this, I make myself a cup of coffee and sit by the window. Her breathing is again calm so it is time for the third and largest fig. I have her come to me then insert it. She hisses and bites her lip. I tell her that she’s been naughty for making me so excited with her musky scent and wet pussy. She must now make amends by using her mouth. She drops to her knees while I unzip and free my bulging cock. She is not allowed to touch me without permission. It’s hard for her not to use her hands during fellatio, but the whole point of her being here is discipline. I sip my coffee and look out the window. Anything to keep from coming too soon. My cock is covered in her saliva and tears now. I look at the clock and allow myself the luxury. I close my eyes and open my balls, releasing my cum, shooting it down her hot, thirsty throat. Once I’m finished, she keeps her mouth on me, sucking until I tell her to stop. I really don’t want to do this. She feels incredible. Nonetheless, it’s time. I set down my coffee cup and reach down to remove the final plug. She chokes a little, but I keep her mouth on me. She is perfect. Her face a mess of tears, her eyes begging for her own release, her ass red. I push against her head and she sits back on her heels, wincing a bit as her sore bottom aImage result for fellationd thighs touch her calves. I stand, tuck my cock back in my jeans and zip up. I tilt her face up, kiss her, and tell her how proud I am of how well she accepted her punishment. Then, I leave. She will stay for an hour or two, resting, recovering, showering. She is not to masturbate for 12 hours. Part of her punishment is sexual frustration. I know I can trust her, or at least trust her to confess if she violates this rule, which, I must confess, I rather hope she does.

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