Paying for my Wants

Lord always makes me pay for things I want that are outside of my budget. This, to me, makes sense. Lord provides me with a large budget, so anything outside of it should be paid for in some cane markway. Protected: Paying for my Wants explains this in more detail. (The password is Brady.) This time, I requested a bathroom make-over. Lord agreed, but the payment, he warned, would be steep. First, I would be caned each day of the re-model. Once the first day, twice the second, and so on. This would be my motivation (since I would be acting as general contractor) to make sure the workmen completed the job on time.

Second, Lord would not use my pus until the job was complete. I whined at this and ever so nicely asked him to reconsider to which he simply quirked one eyebrow at me. I sighed and accepted this payment.

Third, I will not be allowed to wear a bra when Lord is in the house. Again, I groaned. This will mean that my pierced nipples will be very visible to the workers, which will likely distract them.

Fourth, I will, at all times, wear my collar. Lord will vet all of the workers, but wearing the collar will be a strong reminder to the works and me (as if I needed it) that I belong to him.

Fifth, once the job is complete, I will thank the workers in a way agreeable to both them (there are 3 of them) and Lord. Most likely, this will mean servicing each of them. I asked Lord if he would be merciful by allowing no more than 2 men to use me at one time. He smiled, his eyes darkened, and he said that it was highly unlikely.

The price is indeed high, but not unreasonable. I’m willing to pay.

3 thoughts on “Paying for my Wants

  1. Seem to me she has a incentive to chivvy them along, but that means being exposed. They on the other hand, the slower they work, the more frantic she becomes. I wonder if she’ll up the ante with Lord by bartering her services before the job is complete in lieu of extra caning. Choices.


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