Over Budget = under dressed

So I may have gone a little bit – maybe around $300 or so – over budget. The lingerie I bought, thought was all really cute!! That was the dumbest defense I could have used. Sir asked if the clothing was cuter than I was. Yep. Should have know that was a trap. I hedged by saC9KtruSXUAAH928ying no, but they would help me look cuter. He then decided to put my words to a test. We drove for 5 miles down the highway with my top pulled up and my bra exposed. Then, He had me take off the bra. The next 5 miles I was bare breasted.  Guess which set of miles got the most honks and hoots. I had no choice but to concede that I may have been mistaken. I wasn’t allowed to cover myself until we got home. Thank god it was dark and we have an attached garage. When we got into the house, Mr. Man took my packages and put them in his closet. He told me that I’d have to earn each item – one at a time – one week at a time. To further make his potumblr_oj5fmlYeQO1vtxln4o1_500int, he had me empty my bra and panty drawers. He now had control of every undergarment I owned. I’d earn back one pair of panties for each day plus 25 spankings I took without complaint. I’d earn back one bra for every 3 days, and 3 hours of nipple clippings. Naturally, I could only have my nipples clips for no more than 20 minutes at a time. The clips could be clothes pins, tweezers, or (horror!)clovers. I had a few errands to run, and I hate being exposed, so I begged for a reprieve. Nope. I could hide the no panties thing, but there was no way with my big nipples that I could hide that. Mr. Man knew this and grinned demonically. He let me beg, plead and bargain to no avail. Once he makes up his mind, that’s it. And that, my friends, is a BIG reason why I love him so much! I respect him to make and stick to his decisions, and he respects me enough to know that, even if I don’t want to, I will follow his decision.

And so, here I am, sweating up a storm, wearing one of his t-shirts (his suggestion) while I work out in the yard. It’s hot and I’m sweating, which means I’m also exposed. The neighbors all stop by to chat. I want to hide, but I slap a smile on my face and engage in useless conversation, all the while noticing their eyes glued to my chest and hoping they can’t smell the scent of my musk. Yes, I’m embarrassed, but I also have had the best sex of my life! It seems Mr. Man enjoys the attention even if I don’t. I’ve got one more day and 40 more minutes before I earn my first bra back, but really, I’m in no hurry. If Mr. Man is happy, horny, and pleased, so am I. You don’t think this was all part of his master plan do you?


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