Beltane is a time of many traditions and we plan to enjoy this Pagan Holiday to its fullest. First, we go out to tImage result for hawthorn treehe back part of our property where there is a big, beautiful Hawthorn tree. We place our supplies down by it’s strong trunk then remove our clothing. Whoever heard of honoring Beltane while clothed??? He pickes several blossoms and tuck them in my hair. Then, My King ties a red ribbon around my wrist and around his. We renew our vows – me as his submissive and He as my DominantImage result for handfasting King. This ribbon will connect us for the next 24 hours. Let me assure you, it’s difficult to be leashed to someone for this long! E
specially considering our traditions. Beltane would not, of course, be Beltane without a MayPole. Luckily, My King has one handy! I kneel in the soft grass and dance my tongue around his pole. I dance until he comes, swallowing his gift greedily. My King then starts a fire for us using deadfall. I help, drug along by our connecting ribbon. Next, he cuts a small bran3a13233f1a2c9d033f827643f2596f8bch (a long twig really) from the Hawthorn. This is the painful part, but also best part in many ways. First, a safety warning. the Hawthorn thorn can be quite dangerous. My King and I are very, very careful and I am not allergic. Honestly, I would NOT recommend doing this or anything like this if you are not intimately familiar with nature and all its dangers. That said, I stand with my arms behind my neck, very, very close to the tree. If I take half a step forward, my skin will be pricked by one of the thorns (My King sprays the thorns with a natural antibacterial which will not harm the plant, but reduces the chance of infection for me. My King cannot step too far back since we are still connected by the ribbon. He picks up a hawthorn twig which he has peeled free of bark and thorns. This, he uses on my bottom, thighs and calves. He uses the switch lightly, not breaking the skin. I will not bruise much if at all. However, If I lurch forward, the thorns will mark me, mark my lack of control, mark my need for his strength. Three times the thorns prick my skin, drink my blood. This means that three times he will use each of my openings during this stay. He’s already used my mouth once, and graced me with his sweetness. He will not come in me 8 more times, I’m not sure any man can! Nonetheless, He will take his pleasure and as he does so, he will give me pleasure as well. Beltane is a celebration of fertility and life, not punishment. His use of my body is not punishment, but pleasure – for both of us. Now, we will make love. We will nap. We will eat. We will make move again. We will honor the seasons and the goddess of fertility with our rites and we will reaffirm our pledges to each the woods


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