Dominant Diary

Boundaries are meant to be honored, but lines can be erased, redrawn, moved. She is a shy thing, really. My Lovely. Modest, humble. Most of the time I respect that, bupulled nipplet every now and then that line needs to be pushed, moved, pressed. First, she needs to be in the proper state of mind, and so I begin first by stripping her naked. Then, she needs orgasms. I lick her sweet, sweet pussy, pressing against her mons until cream fills my mouth. Then, I do it again. And again. Until she begs for me to stop or fuck her. Stopping is not an option. So, I fuck her, burying my cock deep within her hot, tight tunnel. But I know her, know her body, know her reactions. A good fucking is not enough, not for her. She needs more, and so I give it to her. Her nipples are the biggest and most sensitive buds I’ve ever seen. I first tug on them, keeping my cock inside of her. She moans, trembles. I pinch, twist, pull until she explodes again. OC-Gh3s2U0AAbW2Fnly when she’s near to exhaustion do I find my own release and only after that do I release her nipples, now swollen and red. She begs me to let her clean me and I, naturally,  let her. She’s on her knees, licking, sucking, kissing my cock until every drop of cum is cleaned off. I cannot describe how beautiful she is right now. I hold out my hand and tell her we are going out. She will wear a dress of my choosing and she eagerly agrees. Then, she sees it and pales. I kiss her, tell her how much it would please me to see her in it. She looks up at me and I know she cannot refuse. She pulls on the dress, steps into heels, blushes fiercely, but hold her head proudly. She is mine and proud of me. She trusts me. I see it in her eyes. I walk behind her, seeing her body perfectly outlined beneath the dress. My cock is hard again and I may decided to take her right here right now, but not yet. Not yet. She is almost comfortable in her nearly transparent dress and I don’t want to change that. We leave the condo and head for the car. We pass no one and she breathes a sigh of relieve. I grin to myself because I know her relief won’t last long. Let her enjoy it while she can. We arrive at our destination – a cocktail party. What she doesn’t know is that each person here is in a D/s relationship of some type. They are all dressed formally, but not in fetish gear. Lovely is the most exposed, which she quickly discovers, and blushes profusely. She looks at me, a bit desperate, and I smile at her and say, “It would please me greatly if you do not object.” She doesn’t.  We go in and I grab 2 cocktails along with two packages. I slip one package into my pocket and give her the other. She opens it, her mouth hangs open and she snaps her eyes up to me. I lean into her and say, “Yes. You will insert that vibrator into you lovely pussImage result for remote control vibratory. If it falls out, you will be punished. Your job tonight, as is the job of every submissive here, is to find the Dom who has her remote. When you think you have chosen the correct person, kneel in front of him or her. You will be tested to be sure you are correct. If you are, you are that person’s until daybreak. If you are incorrect, you will be spanked by your incorrect choice. If you don’t want to continue, tell me now. The moment you insert that inside of you, your decision is final.” She looked at me, trembling, then glanced around the room. Several women were obviously in the throes of an orgasm, others looked about a bit desperately. She gulped down her martini, lifted her dress, and inserted the vibrator. My lovely may be easily humiliated, but she very, very brave. I kissed her, my cock desperate for her heat. She’d made me so proud. Then, she turned, mingled. I saw the first time her anonymous dom hit her controller. She gasped, bent, and stopped walking. I couldn’t help myself from laughing. I found a cushioned seat near the pool where I could watch the goings on easly. On young woman had clearly mischosen as she was over Jake’s lap, her ass turning a bright red. A pretty, tall blonde glanced at me, her hand pressed against her lower stomach. I had no idea if it was my remote that had set her off or not, but I was about to find out.

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