All About That Bass

During the week He pleasure me everywhere. I am His princess and he treats me with consideration, gentleness, and always sees to my pleasure before His own. Weekends, however, are all about Him. And what does He love? You guessed it – Bass – or more specifically, Ass.

He loves everything about my ass which is why I am not allowed to cover it without permission from Friday after work until Monday morning.


He is allowed to use my ass as He wishes, to display it for His pleasure or for my humiliation, to use any implement on it – His hand, a paddle, a wooden spoon, His belt. The choice is in His hands.

He will plug it; I am not allowed to remove the plug – only He may. I become His Weekend Ass Slave.

Best of all, he will fuck it. He is not gentle, not considerate (aside from using lots of lube!). My ass is, literally (as in owned by Him) and figuratively, His and He will use it as He chooses.


Yes, I can always use a safeword, but why would I do that since I derive as much pleasure from submitting to this lovely man has he does?

Yes, by Monday morning I am tender both inside and out and when I sit at my work desk I remember – vividly – my weekend. I remember His cock rising in anticipation. I remember His eyes devouring every inch of my body. I feel His pride in my obedience and acceptance of Him. With every uncomfortable twinge, I remember the beauty of every moment with Him.


And you know what? I can’t wait for Friday to come again!

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