Easter Egg Hunt

Sir decided that to celebrate Easter (even though neither of us is religious), we’d have an Easter egg hunt – of sorts. I mean, it’s not like we both won’t know eggs-actly where the tumblr_onl8zoKVmc1qixhxko1_1280eggs are! First, Sir picked up two stone eggs, the kind that are popular for decorations this time of year. Apparently, these are actually Yoni eggs which were specifically designed to do Kegels with. Sir, being ever so cautious, drilled a small hole through the narrow end of each egg. He inserted a cord through the narrow end, leaving about a 6 in
ch “tail”. The cord is detachable, so if it can be replaced easily if necessary. Anyway, Sir decided that I would keep at least one of these eggs inside of me all day today. To may my job a tad bit harder, he first made love to me, filling my pussy with his sweet, sweet, cum. Only then did he tell me the Task for the Day. He slid the egg inside of me then we dressed. I had to stand still several times for fear of the egg falling out. He saw this, grinned, and then told me that I’d lose a piece of clothing for every time it fell out. Great. We got into the car to go to brunch, that egg rolling around inside of me keeping me wet enough withoRose Quartz Kegel Egg BDSM Fetish Mature Kink by MsSilversDesigns, $38.65: ut the added cum in there. We parked and sure enough, the moment I stood up the egg slid out. Even though I was wearing panties, it just slid on out. Sir had me sit back on the car seat, hand him my panties, and then he told me to spread my legs – wide. I whined, saying I couldn’t keep it in and please don’t make me do this in public. I should have kept quiet. He kissed me then pressed the egg against my anus. I jumped, but he said that if I couldn’t keep it in my puss, I’d keep it in my ass. Not much chance of it slipping out there. I groaned, knowing he was right. The meal was torture. Somehow, though, I got through it. Then, when we goImage result for yoni eggt back in the car, he pulled the second egg from his jacket pocket. He ordered to to spread my legs again and inserted it into my somewhat less slick pussy. I sat there, stuffed, the whole way home. I managed to get into the house before it slipped out again. This time, I handed over my blouse. The third time, my bra. Now, though, he added another caveat. Not only would I lose clothing, I’d also take his cock into whichever hole was empty. This meant he once again fucked me – fine by me :)!!!! I’ve never enjoyed and Easter Sunday so much!

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