tumblr_onljmrIrwS1w7474fo1_500Tonight, well every night really, I will obey. Tonight, thought, I will have no voice, no choice. I have promised this and I will keep my word. Once a month I give this promise to Milord. I won’t lie, I don’t like it, but it’s good for me. After it’s over, I love how devoted and grateful and pure and wanted I feel. It’s only during that I am humiliated, used, obedient, voiceless. I prepare carefully by showering, shaving everything, cleaning everything – inside and out. I spread sweet scented lotion on my body, fix my hair, my make-up. Then, I sit on the bed and wait. When Milord is ready, he comes to me, inspects me, then kisses me. He tells me to get into position. I turn, get on all fours. He buckles my collar and wrist cuffs onto me. I suck on him until he’s hard, which usually isn’t very long. He stands behind me, his cock wet with my saliva, and fucks my ass. My ass is his and only his on this night. As soon as he is fully seated, his cock filling me, his hands on my breasts, pinching my nipples, I come. I can’t stop myself and he is well aware of this.ass bling Even now, though, I must be silent. I can moan, but I cannot speak, not even to scream his name. He comes, filling me. I want to savor this moment. I want to enjoy it, but that is for a different night. Tonight is not about my pleasure, but my submission and his ownership. He pulls out of me then inserts a large, jeweled plug. He then showers and dresses. I stay in position until he tells me otherwise. Only when he says I may do I stand and pull a dress over my head and slip my feet into 5 inch heels. He takes my hand and we go to the car. I am very, very aware of plug pressing into me, keeping his essence inside of my body. I begin to tremble, a bit frightened, even though I know what will happen and I know Milord will always protect me.

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