Punished with Pearls

How, I ask myself, could He possibly use pearls for punishment. If anyone can, though, it would be Him. He is nothing if not creative. For the next seven days, I will wear pearls. Constantly. As in 24/7. Sounds lovely, right? Think again. Think of how difficult it is to walk with pearl panties, the nubs rubbing against your nub constantly.
Or to sit through dinner, a movie, and cocktails after with pearls linking your pussy and  ass holes together.That was last night. He also had me wear a white dress, thin cotton, and no panties so if i became the least little bit wet – which I did – He would know (as would anyone else who might be looking.). After four hours of this, He finally took me home and fucked me – but left the pearls in while He did. Only when He shot his load across my belly did he remove them – quickly. He will not, He assures me, come inside of me all week. No, instead I will “wear” His pearls on my body. I am allowed to shower only once a day – in the mornings.

Today, He has tied me to a chair with pearls while He eats me. If I move even a bit, the pearls make a noise, a movement. For each noise or movement of the damned little balls I get five licks with His belt. I’m up to twenty so far. Luckily, He has promised to space out the licks over the next 7 days. He made a little chart and every time He hears the pearls brushing against the wooden chair he makes a quick tally mark. By the time He finishes, I’m up to 80 licks with his belt. I groan, thinking of how sore my bottom will be by the end of the week, but I know Him. Whenever He issues a high number of licks He never uses as much force as He would if I were to receive only a few, so it really won’t be anything I can’t take. He never gives me more than I can take. He stand before me, his cock proud, sweetness dripping from the crown. I lick my lips, hungry for a taste, but he taunts me, teases me, and pleasures Himself. I beg him – let me kiss it, lick it, fuck it, anything! There’s more than one way to punish a sub. He enjoys my begging and hot cream shoots from his glorious cock.  He aims for my neck, giving me a necklace of his pearls. It’s morning, just after my shower, so I’ll be wearing this for almost 24 hours. I’m not allowed to wash it or flake it off. I can smell it, but I can’t taste it. Torture.

I swear – i will NEVER complain about my lack of jewelry again!

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