Game Night

I’d cleaned the house and arranged the bar. All the appetizers were placed in an attractive arrangement on our round, walnut  high table. Our game of Cards against Humanity was out. Now, all that I needed to do to finish preparing for game night was get myself dressed. I showered, shaved, and threw on a pretty maxi sundress. Then, Milord came into the bedroom. He had THAT look then undressed. I pointed out that our guests would be arriving within the hour. He said I’d best hurry then. I turned around and bent over the bed. One part of me was annoyed, but the other (and most important) was thrilled. Naturally, I was wet. My nipples hardened and I felt my juices release the moment he walked into the room! He reached around, pinched my clit and entered me. It took about three thrusts before I came, gasping and shaking. When I finished, he pulled out of my still needy pussy and I cried out in protest. He gather my wetness in his hand and I knew what was coming. I felt the tip of his hard cock pressing against my anus. He stretched me slowly, almost too slowly. I pushed back against him, impaling myself on his cock. Then, I came again with the sound of his laughter in my ears. I never last lJIUAI Butt Plug, Extra Large Size Anal Plug with Suction Cup, Flexible Dildos for Woman, Adukt Sex Toys, Sex Products, Anal Toyong when he takes my ass. It’s the combination of the taboo, the forbidden, the discomfort, the pleasure, but most of all it’s the knowledge that he can and will take whatever he wants whenever he wants. “You’re going to be full all night, my love,” he said and then shot his hot load deep inside of me. He pulled out and I started to stand, but a hand on my back stopped me. No. Lord No. full all night he’d said. That could mean only one thing. Yep. There it was. He pressed a plug into my stretched and well lubricated anus. Then, he helped me stand. He dressed, whistling, and I wondered what he was up to. When we went into the dining room, I saw.

“That plug I put in you has a suction cup on the bottom of it. It will be stuck to Image result for dildo stoolyour stool all night long. You will also have your pretty little pussy filled. If you get up from that stool for any reason, All our friends will know what a slut you are. If you come, they will know. If you moan, they will know. And every move you make will remind you that you are mine.”

I looked in a mixture of horror and lust at the dildo screwed onto a wooden stool. I was grateful I’d decided to wear the maxi dress. Carefully, I lifted my dress and slowly eased myself down the length. I gasped, shocked by how full I felt. Milord smiled down at me and kissed me. Then, the doorbell rang. It was going to be an interesting night.


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