Saturday Date

I wanted to surprise him, but I have a bad (according to him) habit of topping from the bottom. Really, I don’t intend to do this, but it’s really hard sometimes for me to keep my mouth shut. He was coming over last night – just a quiet night at my place most likely. Sometimes we go out to grab a bite to eat first, sometimes I throw something simple together here. I really, really, really needed to feel his hand on me, but I didn’t want to force the isstumblr_okuyoj47ly1vdwq0co1_540ue. So, I got dressed as he preferred- no bra, top, one of the few g-strings he allows me to wear when we’re together. I had my skirt nicely folded and ready to go in case he wasn’t in the mood (see – no topping from the bottom!) I also set out some of his favs (not just my favs!). Then, I got into position and waited. I counted my breathes, focused my mind, and relaxed. by the time I heard the door open, I was in sub-mind. He ran his hand down my ass and leg, but said nothing. Then, I heard it. The swish of the cane, my most hated implement. I cried out, but didn’t move. Twice more he marked me, each one fast, hard, painful, and perfect. I pictured in my mind what he would be seeing. My very white flesh marked with three bright red lines bisected by the golden chain of the g-string which was covered in my cream. He dropped the cane then began to use his hand – my favorite implement! He covered my bottom and upper thighs with spanks – some hard, some soft. I cried out a few times again, but he still said nothing. I was well and truly in the Sub Zone! He landed one hard spank directly on my slit. I heard a slight splat and then the tremors began. My fingers clawed the covers and I exploded as he continued to spank my very wet pussy. He stopped only when I had rode the wave to it’s spectacular finish. He then gathered me in his arms and held me until my breathing had calmed. I looked up at him, all starry eyed, and smiled. “Perfect way to start the evening,” he said. “Now, put on your skirt and shoes. I’m taking you out to dinner. Someplace with hard wooden chairs I think.”


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