Long Wear – Ending

It’s been over 24 hours since Sir put the hollow plug inside of me. I admit I deserved it and I admit I deserve the extra time over the promised 24 hours. Yes, I’m writing this Boheme Gypsy Spirit - Zara Camel Boho Inspired Fall Midi Dress- ~LadyLuxury~: as part of my punishment as well. Let me explain. Sir took me for a walk after filling the plug. I was good – really – until I complained about walking so far (it was really only about 3 blocks) with a sore ass from the spanking he’d given and the plug which felt odd. He wasn’t having any of my sass. He said that obviously I simply needed to get used to the feel of a properly tanned bottom and a filled ass. I argued again. What can I say – I’m sometimes a slow learner with a fast mouth. We finally got back home wArsenal Aluminum Tunnel Plug with Removable Core  - Enema Anal Toys, XR Brands, RossCo Online Sex Shop - 1here he promptly made me strip, took out the inner tube of the plug, and told me to go to bed. I pouted, but did as he said. When he came to bed, he flipped me onto my tummy and spanked me again until I was sobbing. That didn’t take long since I was still already sore from the first spanking. He kissed me, told me he loved me, and to go to sleep. I snuggled in his arms and did. The next morning, I had to go – you know – GO. I woke him up and asked – very politely – if he would remove the plug so I could take care of this. He said no. That’s why it was hollow – to allow for nature. I was shocked, but too desperate to argue. I rushed to the bathroom, took are of business, then came storming back into the bedroom. He anticipated my reaction pinnedbeat he grabbed me, flipped me over and whacked my fanny for a good ten minutes or more. By then, I was a mess. My bottom matched my top in terms of color and wetness. He laughed, climbed on top of me and fucked me. He barely had his cock inside of my wet, aching pussy when I came. He whispered all kinds of nasty, lovely words to me as he pounded away at my needy body. Twice more he fucked me that day. Twice more he spanked my poor ass. Only once more did I beg for the plug to be removed. By evening of that day, I was well and truly humbled. That was when he finally agreed to remove the plug. He took me to the bathroom, pulled it out, and supervised as I cleaned it. Not only was my bottom tender to the touch – and will be for days – so was my anus. Was he finished with me? No. Not Sir. He did, though, give me a choice. Top or Bottom. I looked up, at him, well aware of my bratty behavior of the last week. Well aware of what he would prefer. Well aware that as I thought about my answer, my pussy was dripping. Bottom, I said. Now that’s a truly repentant sub, he answered.14383383_10153716677781541_1183501295_n

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